Guardian of the First Ones


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Guardian of the First Ones Quick Tips



  • Taunt swap after Sunder is cast, and make sure no players are within 6 yards of the tank when it happens.
  • When the boss runs out of energy, wait for one Purging Protocol, then position him in the energy field near an Energy Core.


  • Assign at least one healing cooldown for each Purging Protocol hit.
  • The raid will take a significant amount of damage while and Energy Core is active.
  • The raid will take a burst of damage when Meltdown finishes casting once an Energy COre is depleted.


  • Use Time Warp on pull.
  • Typical enrage time is around 5:00 minutes, so plan cooldowns accordingly.


Guardian of the First Ones Abilities & Strategy

This encounter has very few mechanics. Difficulty comes mainly from the short enrage timer, which happens shortly after the boss consumes the energy from all three cores.

The raid should be loosely spread around the boss to make moving out with Threat Neutralization and doging Sentries easier. When the boss runs out of energy, the whole raid should stack near him to make healing easier, then after a single Purging Protocol, the whole raid should move near the closest Energy Core.

Guardian of the First Ones

Purging Protocol

When the boss reaches 0 energy, it will start casting Purging Protocol, dealing Arcane damage to the entire raid.

Elimination Pattern

The tank mechanic is a simple taunt swap, which becomes a combo on Heroic difficulty.


  • This is the tank hit, which will deal a large amount of physical damage to the target, and any players within 6 yards.
  • Any players hit will take 200% increased damage from Sunder for 20 seconds.

Sentry patrolling around the boss.

Form Sentry

The boss will occasionally summon a Sentry to patrol around it.


Suppression Field

The area under the Sentry silences players and deals a small amount of Arcane damage.

Sentry Fire

Sentries will fire a barrage of energy at random players dealing arcane damage.


Players being targeted by Threat Neutralization.

Threat Neutralization

The Guardian will mark multiple players, and after 4 second launch a missile at them dealing arcane damage to the target and players within 10 yards.

  • Move away from other players to avoid splashing the damage to other raid members.
  • While standing near an Energy Core, the raid should be stacked on one side of the safety shield to leave enough space for Threat Neutralization to spread out without moving out of the shield.

Disintegration targeting a random player.


The Guardian will cast Disintegration in a line in front of it, dealing arcane damage, stunning players hit and applying a DoT effect.

  • This ability is always targeted at a random player. The raid should be loosely spread near the boss.

Boss being moved near an Energy Core.

Energy Cores

The boss will start with 60 energy, which depletes over time.

  • There are a total of 3 Energy Cores, each of which recharges 60 energy to the boss.
  • When the boss comes near an Energy Core, it will initiate an Energizing Link, which will last until the Energy Core is depleted.
  • While the Energizing Link is active, the Energy Core will emit Unstable Energy, which deals Arcane damage to all players.
  • While active, Energy Cores will emit a Radiant Energy shield, reducing the amount of damage players take from Unstable Energy while standing in it.
  • When the Energy Core runs out of energy, it will trigger a Meltdown, which will deal massive amount of damage to players within 15 yards, and a smaller amount of damage to players further than 15 yards away.


Heroic Guardian of the First Ones

The only Heroic change is the addition of a second part to the tank mechanic, which will require the raid to be slightly more stacked to help split the damage when it happens.


Tanks and the raid positioned to split the Elimination Pattern.

Elimination Pattern


  • On Heroic, the tank combo is as follows: Sunder, Obliterate, Obliterate, Sunder
  • This new part of the combo will deal a large amount of Arcane damage that will be split between the target and any players within 6 yards.
  • All targets hit will take 500% increased damage from Obliterate for 20 seconds.
  • The raid should be split in half, so each half of the raid can split the damage from one of the Obliterate.
  • Tanks must taunt swap during the Obliterate cast.


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