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Lady Jaina Proudmoore Abilities & Strategy

Chilling Touch

Free players who are Frozen Solid!

Throughout the encounter, all of Jaina's abilities will also apply a stack of Chilling Touch to targets struck.

  • This 20 second debuff deals low ticking frost damage and reduces movement speeds by 2% per stack.
  • Upon reaching 20 stacks, players who drop below 80% health will be Frozen Solid in an iceblock, stunning them and dealing moderate frost damage every second for 30 seconds.
  • Players must avoid gaining 20 stacks of Chilling Touch as to ensure they are never Frozen Solid.
  • If any player does become Frozen Solid, they need to be freed by the raid as soon as possible by destroying the ice block imprisoning them.

Ice Block

When the raid uses Bloodlust/Heroism/Time Warp, Jaina will immediately cast Ice Block which makes her invulnerable for 20 seconds.

  • During this time Jaina will not cast any abilities.
  • The raid should avoid using Bloodlust/Heroism/Time Warp style abilities whilst simply fighting Jaina directly, as half of the spell will be wasted.
  • Instead, Bloodlust/Heroism/Time Warp style abilities should be used during the second intermission, as a large output check is present in this phase.
  • Do note that Jaina will not Ice Block immediately if she is in the middle of an important spell cast, such as one that will trigger a phase change.
  • Ice Block may also be triggered by the raid during phase three as to allow the group to free multiple Frozen Solid players without any additional mechanics from being triggered.

Phase One

During phase one, the raid will be fighting Jaina whilst on a Zandalari Warship.

Ice Shard

Instead of melee hitting, Jaina will spam cast Ice Shard at the current tank.

  • This deals a moderate burst of Physical damage to the tank and applies a stack of Chilling Touch.
  • The tanks must taunt off of one another to ensure neither of them reaches 20 stacks of Chilling Touch, usually by taunt around the 10-12 stack mark.
  • This cast cannot be interrupted.


Jaina will mark the tank with Avalanche. This is also applied to two other non-tank players on heroic mode.

  • This marks the a 7 yard location underneath each players position which will be struck by ice moments later, dealing heavy frost damage to all players within the zone.
  • The tank and other marked targets must continuously move to ensure they are never struck by this Avalanche damage.
  • Marked Targets should do their best to run into unoccupied areas of the encounter space as to minimize the amount of movement the raid needs to do to dodge the mechanic.

Move away from allies when marked with Avalanche.

Grasp of Frost

Jaina will occasionally cast Grasp of Frost on a random player, dealing a moderate burst of frost damage and rooting them for 8 seconds.

  • Whilst rooted, the player will gain a stack of Chilling Touch every 2 seconds.
  • The Grasp of Frost should be dispelled by a healer as soon as possible, as to minimize Chilling Touch stacks gained and to allow the player to position for other mechanics.

Freezing Blast

Stand away from Jaina and within a
Searing Pitch during Ring of Ice.

Jaina will face a player and begin to cast Freezing Blast.

  • At the end of the cast, a line of ice will shoot towards that players initial location, dealing damage and knocking back all players in its path.
  • Players need to quickly identify which direction Jaina is facing before dodging the incoming Freezing Blast.
  • For unknown reasons, this ability has a higher chance to be directed at the tank over other players.

Ring of Ice

Upon reaching 100% energy, Jaina will either teleport a short distance in a random direction and cast Ring of Ice.

  • After a 7 second cast, Jaina will deal a large burst of frost damage to all players within 30 yards and immediately apply Frozen Solid to them.
  • All players further than 30 yards away will be rooted for 8 seconds whilst taking moderate ticking damage every 1 seconds.
  • This root effect can be dispelled as well as avoided entirely by standing within a Searing Pitch fire patch.
  • Players should stand close to a Searing Pitch patch before entering it 1-2 seconds before the cast ends.
  • This will minimize the amount of damage taken by the Searing Pitch, whilst ensuring that everyone dodges the root applied by the Ring of Ice.

Kul Tiran Fleet

Move away from the Bombard zones!

15 seconds into the phase, and every minute beyond that point, a Kul Tiran Corsair will pull along side the Zandalari Warship.

  • The ship will consistently cast Bombard, spawning multiple zones across the deck of the Zaldalari ship.
  • These zones will then be hit by the Corsairs cannons, dealing high fire damage to all players within it and spawning a patch of Searing Pitch.
  • Searing Pitch deals every increasing ticking fire damage to players who stand within it.
  • Searing Pitch also removes the Chilling Touch debuff, as well as counters the Ring of Ice freeze effect described above.

Searing Pitch patches hit by Avalanche will be permanently removed from the encounter.

The Corsair will continue to Bombard the Zandalari Warship until it is repelled by players who interact with the Zandalari Ballistas that are found along either side of the ship.

  • Players who interact with these will cause a projectile to be fired back at the ship, dealing damage equal to 20% of the Corsair's maximum health.
  • After use, a Zandalari Ballista takes 10 seconds to recharge before being fired again.
  • A total of 6 Zandalari Ballista projectiles will need to be fired at the Corsair to cause it to retreat, as the Corsair slowly gains health back over time.

Interact with the Zandalari Ballistas to repel the Corsair!

Put out on fire Ballista with Avalanche

Zandalari Ballistas hit by Bombard will be set ablaze, rendering them unusable until they are put out again via an Avalanche.

  • Marked players should prioritise clearing the Searing Pitch patches around the Zandalari Ballista as to allow them to be used to repel future Corsair attacks.

When the Corsair arrives, two Kul Tiran Marines will board the ship, landing towards the stern (back) of the ship.

  • These adds will each cast Set Charge, spawning a single barrel which will detonate after 40 seconds, dealing high fire damage to the raid and spawning a path of Searing Pitch.
  • Players must interact with the barrels to pick them up. They then must move to the edge of the ship and use their extra action button to throw the barrel overboard.
  • This will prevent the barrel from exploding and dealing damage to the raid.

After casting Set Charge, the Marines will cast Marked Target on a random non-tank player and chase them around, melee hitting them whenever they come into range.

  • The damage of this melee hit is rather low, allowing players to simply tank a marine that is fixating them.
  • Ideally the two marines will be brought over to Jaina as to allow DPS to cleave them down whilst damaging Jaina.
  • The marines are vulnerable to mind control. Priests can use this and run the marines overboard to their deaths instantly

Pick up the barrels and
throw them overboard!

Intermission One: Howling Winds

Once the raid has gotten Jaina to 60% health, the first intermission will begin.

  • Any active Kul Tiran Corsairs or Marines will despawn from the encounter space upon reaching this point.

Jaina will teleport away and an unskippable cutscene will begin. At the end of the cutscene the ship will come to a standstill and a large ice arena will form at the Starboard side of the ship.

  • Players can then leave the ship and enter the ice arena and travel towards Jaina, who has teleported herself to the middle of this ice sheet.

Jaina will channel Howling Winds, heavily restricting the vision of players.

  • During this channel, Glacial Shards will radiate directly away from Jaina, dealing low frost damage and immediately applying Frozen Solid to any players hit.
  • Players must move towards Jaina, dodging the Glacial Shards along the way to interrupt this cast. Once this is done, the intermission will be over.

Glacial Shards can be hard to see...

Whilst travelling through the Howling Winds, players will need to dodge Blistering Tornadoes which roam slowly around the area.

Raids may wish to send one highly mobile player with an immunity ahead to interrupt Jaina.

  • This will allow the player to interrupt the effect quickly whilst automatically dodging the Glacial Shards as their immunity will negate the effect.
  • Classes such as Rogues and Hunters are particularly good at this task, as their Sprint/Cloak of Shadows or Aspect of the Cheetah and Aspect of the Turtle combinations can make travelling to Jaina quickly very easy.

Phase Two

During phase two, players engage Jaina on the Frozen Seas. This causes players to receive a stack of Chilling Touch every 6 seconds.

Unexploded Ordnance

Four Unexploded Ordnance barrels will be placed around the encounter area. Three will be present on heroic difficulty.

  • When these barrels are destroyed they will cast Burning Explosion, removing Chilling Touch stacks of all players within 20 yards and granting them Warmth for 8 seconds, granting immunity to new Chilling Touch stack applications.
  • After 15 seconds, the barrel will explode and deal high fire damage and knock back all players within 20 yards.
  • Players need to destroy these barrels once their Chilling Touch stacks start to get too high, usually around the 13-18 stack mark.
  • Players can then use the Burning Explosion to reset their stacks before moving away before the explosion occurs 15 seconds later.

The Unexploded Ordnance barrels take 99% reduced damage due to being encased in Refractive Ice.

  • Refractive Ice can only be removed when the barrel is hit by the Broadside Spell that is cast by the Proudmoore Flagship which flies around overhead.

Stand in Burning Explosion to remove your Chilling Touch stacks.


The flagship will occasionally mark several players with a 6 second debuff which deals moderate arcane damage every second.

  • Upon expiration, the location of each afflicted player will be marked with a 10 yard zone. This zone will then explode a few moments later, dealing high arcane damage to all players within the area.
  • Players marked with Broadside need to move away from other players before moving from the zone they create as to avoid this incoming damage.
  • When the raid is starting to gain high stacks of Chilling Touch, one of the Broadside marked players should let the debuff expire on top of the location of a Unexploded Ordnance barrel to remove its Refractive Ice damage reduction.
  • The barrel can then be destroyed, allowing players to reset their Chilling Touch stacks on the Burning Explosion.

The four Unexploded Ordnance barrels will not respawn and are therefore a limited resource that must not be wasted.

  • The raid must only ever trigger a Burning Explosion when players have high stacks of Chilling Touch, as doing it too often will leave the raid without a heat source to remove stack on, likely causing a wipe.

Place Broadside on the barrels to remove their Refractive Ice!

Siegebreaker Blast

Occasionally, a single random non-tank player will be marked with Siegebreaker Blast.

  • After 10 seconds, that player will explode, dealing a large amount of arcane damage to all players whilst knocking them back.
  • The severity of the damage and knock back is reduced the further players are from the player marked with Siegebreaker Blast.
  • The marked player needs to move as far from the raid as possible as to minimize the amount of incoming raid damage.

The raid should move around the encounter space as a single unit throughout the phase, having players afflicted with Broadside of Siegebreaker Blast move away when needed.

  • This will help the healers remain in range of all players and will allow DPS to swap to any Frozen Solid players quickly to free them.
  • This will also help ensure that players reset their stacks on Burning Explosions, as the entire raid will be clumped up around that location.

Move far when targeted by Siegebreaker Blast.

Ice Shard

Jaina maintains access to her Ice Shard ability from phase one, however tanks cannot let the Chilling Touch stacks reset by taunt swapping anymore due to the Frozen Seas passive.

  • This will mean that tanks are nearly guaranteed to gain the Frozen Solid debuff, due to the lack of consistent way of dropping their Chilling Touch stacks.
  • Tanks within the Frozen Solid ice block must be freed as soon as possible.


Jaina will cast Avalanche in phase two, but the ability has been altered.

  • Avalanche is now only targeted at the tank, and several Hand of Frost projectiles will radiate outward from each impact zone.
  • Hand of Frost projectiles must be avoided by the raid as they will a deal a burst of frost damage and root the player for 8 seconds whilst applying a stack of Chilling Touch every 1 second.
  • Any player who is hit by the Hand of Frost can be dispelled as the debuff is a magical effect.
  • The tank marked by Avalanche needs to move away from the raid as to increase the distance between the raid and the Hand of Frost projectile spawn points, giving the raid more time to dodge them.

Don't get hit by the Hand of Frost projectiles.

Glacial Ray

Jaina will face a random player and channel a Glacial Ray towards them, creating a large line of frost in their direction.

  • This ray deals a large amount of frost damage every 0.5 seconds.
  • Players must immediately move from this as to ensure they do not receive too much damage or Chilling Touch stacks.

Move out of the Glacial Ray.


Occasionally, Jaina will mark one side of the encounter space with Icefall.

  • Moments later the zone will be hit by a colossal frozen comet which will deal near lethal frost damage to all players within it.
  • At the same time, a series of smaller comets will strike down in a straight line that crosses the encounter space, dealing moderate frost damage to anyone hit.
  • The direction the line of comets will travel is marked by a highlighted icon within the Icefall landing zone.
  • Players need to quickly identify where the Icefall landing zone is, and which direction the smaller comets will travel, as to ensure they dodge both aspects of the ability.

The white arrow indicates the direction the comets will land.

Intermission Two: Flash Freeze

Upon reaching 40% health, Jaina will teleport to the centre of the encounter space and the second intermission will begin.

Jaina will become immune to damage during this phase and will immediately channel Flash Freeze for 60 seconds.

  • This will create an ever growing area around Jaina which instantly applies Frozen Solid to players within it.
  • This area will eventually engulf the entire encounter space.
  • After the channel finishes, Jaina will shatter all players who are Frozen Solid, instantly killing them.

The entire raid needs to leave the current encounter space. This is done by destroying the Wall of Ice which has now become attackable in the north-eastern side of the arena.

  • The Wall of Ice has a large amount of health, forcing players to use large damage cooldowns to kill it before the Flash Freeze zone catches them.
  • Bloodlust/Heroism/Time Warp and second potions should also be used at this point to get through the Wall of Ice as soon as possible.

Once players bust down the wall, they will have extra space to move away from the Flash Freeze, but it will eventually expand into this area.

  • Here they will encounter Jaina's Tide Elemental. This add should be defeated before players transition into phase three.

Jaina's Tide Elemental needs to be tanked and will apply Heart of Frost debuffs to random ranged players.

  • This debuff deals low frost damage to all nearby players upon expiration.
  • Players afflicted with the Heart of Frost need to move away from their allies to ensure that no additional Chilling Touch stacks are applied.

The elemental has an energy bar. Upon reaching 100 energy it will cast Frost Nova.

  • This will blast all players within 12 yards, dealing low frost damage and rooting players in place for 8 seconds.
  • All nearby players must move away from the elemental before it reaches 100 energy, as to avoid the nova.
  • One tank should remain next to the elemental as to keep it in position. This player should then have the root dispelled from them as soon as possible.

Alongside Jaina's Tide Elemental, players will find an Ice Blocked Nathanos.

  • Defeating this will free Nathanos Blightcaller from his icy tomb. Moments later, this will interrupt Jaina's Flash Freeze cast.
  • At this point Jaina will teleport to the far end of the encounter space and begin to channel Arcane Barrage, constantly creating zones which explode after a few moments, dealing high arcane damage and knocking players back.

Players should avoid freeing Nathanos from his tomb immediately, instead opting to kill him when they are starting to run out of free space due to the incoming Flash Freeze.

Phase Three

Do not stand in the path of Icefall.

During phase three, players will need to fight Jaina without any heat sources to remove stacks of Chilling Touch, which is now being applied passively every 10 seconds, up from 6. This will inevitably lead to the raid becoming Frozen Solid.

  • Players must stagger the rate in which they become Frozen Solid as ensure their is enough DPS available to free their allies.
  • This can be done by deliberately having certain players stand within Arctic Ground spaces, as to accelerate the rate in which they gain Chilling Touch stacks.
  • Alternatively on normal difficulty, the raid can simply bring her to 5.5% health and defeat the encounter before any player is Frozen Solid. This does require the raid to have decent damage.

Jaina maintains access to her Ice Shard, Glacial Ray and Icefall abilities. The Proudmoore Flagship will also continue to cast Broadside and Siegebreaker Blast.

  • Each of these abilities must be countered in the same way as phase two, except the Broadside no longer has any practical use for the raid and should be simply placed away from others.

Shattering Lance

Any player who becomes Frozen Solid will cause Jaina to spawn a Shattering Lance near her.

  • Moments later, the lance will shoot towards the frozen player, dealing moderate frost damage to all players in it's path and triple damage to all players afflicted by Frozen Solid.
  • DPS need to free the Frozen Solid players before the Shattering Lance shoots towards them, as the lance will deal substantial damage to that player.

Crystalline Dust

Jaina has gained access to the Crystalline Dust ability.

  • This is a frontal cone directed at the tank which will deal a large amount of frost damage.
  • The tank must face Jaina away from the raid at all times to ensure that no other player takes this damage.

Prismatic Image

Jaina will also summon a Prismatic Image add.

  • This add does not need to be tanked as it will only replicate Jaina's Icefall, Glacial Ray and Shattering Lance abilities.
  • All DPS must focus down the Prismatic Image add as soon as possible as to reduce the amount of spells it replicates during its lifetime.
  • Whilst the Prismatic Image add is alive, players need to keep their wits about them and make sure they are dodging twice as many abilities!

The encounter will be complete once Jaina reaches 5.5% health.

Heroic Difficulty

Phase One

The Set Charge munition barrels will explode after 15 seconds, down from 40.

  • Players need to prioritize throwing the barrels overboard quickly, as to ensure they do not explode whilst on the ship.

The Kul Tiran Corsairs Bombard spell will also knock any players hit by the spell back.

  • Players need to be extra cautious not to be hit by this spell on heroic, as the knockback could send them off the side of the ship to their death.

Jaina's Ice Shard will give apply a stacking debuff on the tank which increases the damage they take by the ability by 10%.

  • Tanks need to ensure that they taunt off of one another to keep the stacks to a minimum.

Jaina will cast Time Warp during phase one, increasing her haste by 30%.

Intermission One

During the first intermission, Jaina will teleport to a random location in the ice arena, rather than the middle.

  • Players will now need to first locate Jaina before moving towards her and interrupting her Howling Winds cast.
  • Jaina can be tracked by classes who can Track Humanoids, and players can get a sense of which direction she is in by moving towards the direction the Glacial Shards are radiating away from.

Intermission Two

During the second intermission, Jaina's Tide Elemental will frequently cast Water Bolt Volley, dealing a large burst of frost damage to all players.

  • This cast can, and should be interrupted each time it occurs as to reduce incoming raid damage during this phase.

Phase Three

During phase three, Jaina gains access to the Orb of Frost ability.

  • She will mark the location of a random player and send a slow moving orb towards that area.
  • Any players who come into contact with the orb will take low frost damage, but will reduce its power.
  • Upon reaching the location it will explode, dealing moderate frost damage and applying stacks of Chilling Touch to the entire raid.
  • The amount of stacks applied to the raid is based on how much power the Orb of Frost had remaining.

Players need to stand within the Orb of Frost to reduce its power as to ensure that the entire raid receives the fewest amount of Chilling Touch stacks as possible.

Due to the Orb of Frost, it is unlikely that the raid will be able to "zerg" Jaina down before the entire group will be Frozen Solid.

  • To counter this, the raid should set aside a group of very strong burst cleave/AoE DPS, alongside a single healer.
  • This AoE group will avoid soaking the Orb of Frost whilst the rest of the raid stands within it.
  • Once this is done, the raid should then stand within the Arctic Ground left behind by the first Glacial Ray cast in the phase.
  • At this moment the raid then casts Bloodlust to force Jaina into an Ice Block. At this point the entire raid, aside from the AoE group will become Frozen Solid.
  • The AoE group then uses all of their damage cooldowns to break the out the frozen players before any lances are fired in their direction.
  • Once freed, the rest of the raid will have 0 stacks of Chilling Touch, giving them enough time to defeat Jaina before becoming Frozen Solid again.
  • The AoE group will become Frozen Solid at a later point in the encounter. They need to ensure they are near her when this happens as to allow the rest of the raid to free them from their ice blocks as soon as possible.

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