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Normal Loot starts at Item level 385, Heroic Loot at 400 and Mythic Loot at 415.





Faction Differences & Legend

As Grong has different names for adds and spell names, we've listed out the names of both the Alliance and Horde names below. The Guide will use the Horde versions.

Encounter Mechanic

Horde Name Alliance Name
Rage Death Energy


Horde Name Alliance Name
Tantrum Death Knell
Shattered Death Touched
Bestial Combo Necrotic Combo
Bestial Smash Bestial Smash
Crushed Crushed
Rending Bite Rending Bite
Bestial Throw Bestial Throw
Bestial Impact Bestial Impact
Reverberating Slam Deathly Slam
Reverberating Echo Deathly Echo
Ferocious Roar Ferocious Roar
Angry Ape Undead Ape
Enraged Ape Necrotic Ape
Furious Ape Deathly Ape
Megatomic Seeker Missile Voodoo Blast
Megatomic Fire Chill of Death
Apetagonize Death Empowerment
Lightning Detonation Spirit Dispersion
Apetagonizer Core Necrotic Core
Discharge Apetagonizer Core Discharge Necrotic Core


Horde Name Alliance Name
Grong Grong the Revenant
Flying Ape Wranglers Death Specter
Apetagonizer 3000 Death Specter

Quick Tips


Tank Specific Tips

Healer Specific Tips

  • Be prepared to use healing cooldowns if a Tantrum is triggered above 75 rage.

Grong Abilities & Strategy


Grong gains rage passively over time and once he reaches 100% rage, he will cast Tantrum,

  • This ability consists of up to four separate slams, each of which deal a burst of damage and apply a stack of Shattered to the entire raid.
  • Shattered is a 40 second debuff which deals moderate ticking damage and increases the damage taken by Tantrum by 30%. This can stack.

When Tantrum has been triggered, the boss will attempt to spend his rage in chunks of 25. Each chunk of 25 rage will cause another blast of damage to the raid.

  • When this ability is used at 100 rage, the boss will hit the raid four times, with the final hit dealing incredibly high damage due to the Shattered debuffs applied beforehand, likely causing a wipe.
  • The raid must trigger the Tantrum spell at lower rage points, as to ensure that the boss does not hit the raid more than 3 times with each Tantrum triggered.
  • The raid also wants to ensure that Tantrum isn't triggered more frequently than every 40 seconds, as the Shattered debuffs applied via the previous Tantrum would not have timed out.

Apetagonizer 3000

The raid can trigger the boss into a Tantrum before 100% rage by making use of the Apetagonizer 3000 adds that spawn throughout the fight.

Keep Grong 15+ yards away from
the Lightning Detonation!
  • 15 seconds into the encounter and every minute after that point, a single Apetagonizer 3000 add will spawn at a random edge of the encounter space.
  • This add does not need to be tanked and will not attack the raid directly. Instead, it will spam cast Apetagonize.
  • This interruptible cast will cause Grong to gain 5 additional rage. The raid must interrupt this cast as to keep the bosses rage gain to an absolute minimum.

When the Apetagonizer 3000 dies, it will explode with a Lightning Detonation. This deals low nature damage and knocks back all players within 15 yards.

  • The damage of the explosion and strength of the knockback is not dangerous enough for melee players to actively avoid it.
  • Some immobile melee DPS may even wish to use the knockback aspect of the ability to bounce them back towards the boss.
  • The boss must not be within the Lightning Detonation, as he will gain 25 rage if caught within the blast.
  • If the raid feels like it must min-max their DPS, the boss can be tanked on top of the adds and then be dragged 16+ yards away before the Lightning Detonation occurs.
  • However, we feel this should not be necessary and it is risky, as the boss frequently stands still to cast abilities.

After death, an Apetagonizer Core orb will appear on the ground. A player can run into this orb to consume it and gain a 20 second debuff.

Run into the Apetagonizer Core orb to absorb it!
  • This debuff deals light nature damage every second and grants the player an extra action button ability: Discharge Apetagonizer Core.
  • Using Discharge Apetagonizer Core on the boss will deal damage equal to 5% of the bosses maximum health and will immediately trigger a Tantrum, regardless of how much rage the boss has.
  • This should be used to force the boss to reset his rage each time it reaches 50%. This will trigger a maximum of two Tantrum hits on the raid which will keep incoming damage manageable.
  • All DPS should actively switch to and kill the Apetagonizer 3000 add to ensure that the bosses rage can be reset at this ideal time.
  • It does not matter who picks up the Apetagonizer Core and does this job, although DPS are a good choice as healers and tanks should limit their movement due to positioning/output requirements.

Rage Acceleration

Grong's rage gain will accelerate once he hits certain health thresholds throughout the encounter.

  • He starts with the Angry Ape passive. (approximately 10 rage per 12 seconds)
  • At 70%, this will be replaced with the Enraged Ape passive. (approximately 10 rage per 11 seconds)
  • At 40%, this will be replaced with the Furious Ape passive. (approximately 10 rage per 10 seconds)

This results in the boss having more rage when the raid triggers a Tantrum with the Apetagonizer Core, potentially leading to a third additional hit in the later stages of the encounter.

  • Healers should be ready to cover these additional hits with healing cooldowns.
  • The raid may also opt to use Bloodlust when the boss reaches 40% health as to limit the chances of a 100% rage Tantrum from occurring during this time (although we personally believe this is unlikely).

Note: The Rage Acceleration mechanic was absent during Normal and Heroic testing and was only present for Mythic testing. Due to this, we cannot be 100% certain as to how much the buffs affect the boss rage generation on Normal and Heroic difficulties.

Bestial Combo

Throughout the encounter, Grong will occasionally unleash a series of three strong abilities directed at the tank. The combo is completely random: the abilities that Grong chooses and their order will be different every time.

  • Tanks can taunt off of one another during the Bestial Combo to redirect which ability hits which tank. Taunting during a spell will cause it to hit the new target.

There are two abilities the boss can chose from: Bestial Smash and Rending Bite. Each ability has a 2.5 second cast time.

  • Bestial Smash deals a large burst of physical damage to the target and applies the Crushed debuff, which increases the damage taken from Bestial Smash by 500% for 3 seconds. This can stack.
    • Tanks must ensure that they do not have the Crushed debuff when they are about to take a Bestial Smash. This is done by having the other tank taunt if two Bestial Smashes are cast in a row.
    • Active mitigation should be used when taking a Bestial Smash, as to help reduce the large physical damage it deals.
  • Rending Bite applies a 10 second debuff which deals moderate physical damage every second. This can stack.
    • The tanks should attempt to spread the stacks of Rending Bite evenly amongst themselves. This is done by having a non-debuffed tank taunt when more than one Rending Bite occurs during a Bestial Combo.

As long as the tanks pay careful attention to the abilities cast during the Bestial Combo, as well as the debuffs that both tanks have during this time, the ability is easily countered with well timed taunts.

Avoid standing within the fire
when Megatomic Seeker Missile comes in!

Megatomic Seeker Missile

Every ~25 seconds, a missile will fly towards a random ranged player. It will explode once it reaches the player, dealing moderate fire damage to all players within 10 yards and leaving a patch of Megatomic Fire on the ground.

  • The Megatomic Fire deals ticking damage to anyone who stands within it. This patch lasts for 30 seconds.
  • Ranged players should spread 10 yards apart when the Megatomic Seeker Missile is due to come in, as to reduce the amount of players hit by the explosion.
  • On heroic difficulty and above, ranged players should spread around in pairs, as to ensure that they will not be feared by a Ferocious Roar which can occur at the same time.

Note: Although the target of this ability was once able to be tracked via a WeakAura, this seems to no longer be the case as of the most recent mythic testing.

Reverberating Slam

On a timer, Grong will slam a player within melee range with his Reverberating Slam ability. Non-tank players are always prioritised to be targeted by this ability.

  • This will deal a large burst of physical damage to all players within 10 yards around the targeted player and will leave a Reverberating Echo zone at that location.
  • The Reverberating Echo zone will explode after a few moments, dealing substantial nature damage and knocking back all players within it.

Move away from the echo after Reverberating Slam!

Players within melee range of the boss should attempt to spread around the boss as much as possible to help reduce the amount of players hit by the ability.

  • Additionally, players who can stand at range should do so, as this will also reduce the amount of players hit by the ability.
  • Once the Reverberating Echo zone has appeared, nearby players should ensure that they are not within it when it explodes.
  • On Heroic difficulty and above, melee players should spread around the boss in small groups, as to ensure they are not feared by a Ferocious Roar which can occur within a short time period of the Reverberating Slam.

Heroic Difficulty

Aside from numerical changes, in which the boss has more health and deals more damage with its abilities, there are a few mechanical changes to the encounter on Heroic difficulty.

Ferocious Roar

Every ~20 seconds, Grong will unleash a Ferocious Roar. This is a short duration uninterruptible cast which deals a moderate burst of physical damage to all players within 80 yards.

  • Players who are not within 5 yards of another player will be feared for 5 seconds when hit by the Ferocious Roar.
  • This mechanic is especially irritating when it overlaps with other mechanics, such as the Megatomic Seeker Missile and Reverberating Slam.
  • The entire raid must keep an eye on boss timers as to ensure that they always have a partner nearby to avoid the fear aspect of this ability.

Move away from the raid with Bestial Throw!

Bestial Throw

At the end of each Bestial Combo, Grong will cast Bestial Throw at the current target.

  • Grong will pick up the target and deal high physical damage to them over 5 seconds.
    • Tanks can use abilities during this time, however it can be fiddly to actually face and hit Grong.
  • During this time, Grong will mark a random non-tank player. At the end of the 5 seconds, they will throw the tank at that players location, triggering a Bestial Impact at that location.
  • This deals a high burst of raid wide nature damage that drops of with distance and will stun the thrown player for a couple of seconds.
  • The player who will have the tank thrown at them should move at least 30 yards away from the raid as to help reduce the overall damage from the Bestial Impact.
  • The player should wait for the stun to expire on the tank, before running back to the raid with the tank. This will ensure that neither of them will be feared if a Ferocious Roar happens during this time.

The Crushed debuff applied via Bestial Smash now lasts 2.5 seconds, down from 3.

Mythic Difficulty

Aside from numerical changes, in which the boss has more health and deals more damage with its abilities, there are a few mechanical changes to the encounter on Mythic difficulty.

The Crushed debuff applied via Bestial Smash now lasts 2 seconds, down from 2,5.

  • The cast time of both Bestial Smash and Rending Bite is now 1.5 seconds, down from 2.
  • Just like the Heroic change, this forces the tanks to react more quickly when it comes to taunting during the Bestial Combo.

Ferocious Roar is an instant cast spell on mythic difficulty.

  • This removes any kind of reaction time that was present on heroic difficulty. Instead players must always be stacked up before the ability is due to come in.

Make sure to interrupt both Apetagonizer 3000 adds!

Two Apetagonizer 3000 adds spawn in at a time, up from one.

  • This forces the raid to interrupt two adds simultaneously. Each add should be marked with a raid marker and an interrupt rotation for each add should be assigned before the encounter.
  • These adds will also spawn far less frequently.

The Apetagonizer Core now applies a 60 second debuff, rather than a 20 second debuff.

  • The raid should still attempt to trigger the Tantrums at 50+ rage, but doing so is now a little more complicated.
  • Although a core can be held on to for a longer period of time, it may still time out before the boss reaches 50 rage after being triggered by the first Apetagonizer Core that dropped.
  • To counter this, the raid may wish to delay killing the second Apetagonizer 3000 and choose to simply keep interrupting it instead.
  • When the raid then wants to trigger a new Tantrum, they can finish off the second Apetagonizer 3000 to gain access to its core.

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