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Rygelon Quick Tips






Rygelon Abilities & Strategy

The encounter alternates between the Normal Realm and The Singularity. Each time the boss reaches 100 energy, he will cast Massive Bang, requiring the whole raid to enter The Singularity to avoid being killed.

General raid positioning that allows Quasars to funnel towards the boss.

Normal Phase

Dark Eclipse

Several players will gain a debuff which deals a large amount of damage to the whole raid upon expiration or death

General raid positioning that allows Quasars to funnel towards the boss.

Celestial Collapse

Rygelon will summon 6 Collapsing Quasars which start moving towards the boss.

Celestial Terminator

Rygelon will summon lines of stellar material that can be avoided. These lines will be present in both phases.

Radiant Plasma

Rygelon will deal periodic damage to everyone if he has no valid enemies to attack.

Corrupted Strikes

Rygelon will slash its target dealing Physical and Cosmic damage.

  • Any unmitigated damage will apply Corrupted Wound to the target, which deals Physical and Cosmic damage over 10 seconds. This dot stacks, requiring tank swaps when it gets too high.

Massive Bang

An explosion will trigger Massive Bang, dealing a fatal amount of damage in the Normal realm.

Unstable Matter positions int the encounter area, and an example of the fragments that shatter to be used to enter The Singularity.

Unstable Matter

Three Volatile Spheres will be present in the three corners of the encounter area.

General raid positioning that allows Quasars to funnel towards the boss.

The Singularity

Within The Singularity the encounter becomes slightly different. Corrupted Strikes and Radiant Plasma persist when inside The Singularity.

Eternal Radiation

The raid will take continuous increasing damage while within The Singularity.

Shatter Sphere

After a certain time, the boss will cast Shatter Sphere, pulling all players back to the normal realm and destroying the Unstable Matter that was used to enter.

Heroic Rygelon

Celestial Collapse

Manifest Cosmos

Rygelon will summon a Cosmic Core that begins jettisoning stellar material at the nearest player.

  • The nearest player will take a large amount of upfront damage, followed by a smaller amount of cosmic damage every 0.5 seconds, splashing damage to allies within 5 yards.
  • The targeted player will gain a stacking snare debuff.
  • 2 or 3 players must alternate soaking the Cosmic Core. This can also be accomplished by a single player with an immunity.
  • Always pull the boss away from the Cosmic Core after it appears.

Unstable Core

Unstable Core casting Gravitational Collapse once it is fully drained.


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