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Painsmith Raznal Quick Tips


  • Avoid the Spikes on the floor when an Instrument of Pain is hurled at the tank.
  • Move away from other players when affected by Shadowsteel Chains.
  • Move through the gap in the Spikes that travel from the boss towards the back of the encounter area in Phase 2.
  • Move away the spawn location of Shadowsteel Embers in Phase 2.


  • The tank targeted by the Instrument of Pain should run to the corner of the platform, away from the raid.
  • Taunt swap after each stack of Blackened Armor.


  • Each time the boss hurls his weapon at the tank, the raid will take a large burst of fall-off damage.
  • The raid will continually take damage in Phase 2.



Painsmith Raznal Abilities & Strategy

This encounter consists of three Phase Ones, and two Phase Twos. During Phase One, the raid should be positioned around the center of the platform and utilize the edges and corners of the encounter area to deal with the tank mechanic, and Shadowsteel Chains. When a wall of Spiked Balls spawns, one of them should be marked and killed to create a gap for the raid to move through.

During Phase Two, the raid will need to move through a series of spike walls that move from the boss towards the back of the encounter area. Each wall will have a single safe gap for the raid to move through.

After each Phase Two, the boss switches weapons, which will create different patterns of spikes when the weapon is hurled at the tank.

Painsmith Raznal Phase One

Instruments of Pain

  • Painsmith Raznal will have a specific Instrument of Pain equipped in each Phase One.
  • After each Phase 2, the Instrument of Pain used will change.
  • The pattern of Spikes that spawn when the Instrument of Pain is hurled at the tank will vary depending on which one is equipped.
  • Blackened Armor will be applied to the target hit whenever the boss hurls his weapon at them.

Spike pattern created by Cruciform Axe.

Cruciform Axe

The Cruciform Axe will create a cross pattern for players to dodge.
To avoid, stand diagonally from the impact location.


Spike pattern created by the Reverberating Hammer.

Reverberating Hammer

The Reverberating Hammer will create a ripple effect that starts at the impact location and travels through the platform.
To avoid, move over the Spikes as they disappear after effecting a row.


Spike pattern caused by Dualblade Scythe in the last phase of the encounter.

Dualblade Scythe

The Reverberating Hammer will create a cross pattern followed by a ripple effect.


Creating a gap in the wall of Spiked Balls for the raid to move through.

Spiked Balls

The boss will periodically spawn a row of Spiked Balls that spans the entire platform, which will roll towards the opposite side, killing any players they roll over.

  • A Spiked Ball should be marked and killed to create an opening for the raid to move through.
  • Players with Shadowsteel Chains should move through the gap last.

Shadowsteel Chains activating on ranged players.

Shadowsteel Chains

Random players will be marked with Shadowsteel Chains, dealing damage and knocking away players within 4 yards of them.

  • Affected players should move out of the raid to avoid bumping into players without the chains.


Getting hit by spikes caused by tank mechanics will deal a large amount of physical damage and stun the player.

Painsmith Raznal Phase Two: 70%, 40%

At 70%, and 40% the boss will trigger an intermission to change which Instrument of Pain he is using.


Players moving through the safe zones during Phase Two.

Waves of spikes will continuously travel from the boss towards the back of the platform. Each wave will have a single gap for the raid to move through.

Shadowsteel Embers

Blazing embers will appear near players, which will deal fire damage to anyone hit.

Black Flames

The raid will be taking continuous fire damage, and gain a stacking fire damage dot called Lingering Flames.

Heroic Painsmith Raznal

The Heroic change adds a large amount of raid damage to the encounter, and will require players to be mindful of their surroundings, as triggering more than one Flameclasp Trap at a time will likely mean a wipe.

Flameclasp Trap

Up to 4 players will be marked, and after a short duration they will drop a Flameclasp Trap near their location.

Strategy Change

One player should be designated to detonate Flameclasp Traps by stepping on them. We recommend a high mobility class, such as a Beast Mastery Hunter.
In the first Phase One, Flameclasp Traps can be placed almost anywhere, as long as they are not in line with the corner the tank is using for the tank mechanic. These Flameclasp Traps can be detonated one by one, giving healers time between each explosion to top the raid.

In the second and third Phase One, Flameclasp Trap should be placed on the opposite edge from where the tank is taking the weapon hit. There are two overlaps where the raid will have to kill a Spiked Balls, run through the gap and immediately have to deal with Flameclasp Traps and tank hit at the same time. For these kinds of overlaps the tank should run through the gap, and run towards an assigned corner, while the players affected by Flameclasp Traps should run to the opposite edge of the platform, shown in the clip below. After the Flameclasp Traps are placed, the designated player should detonate them in close intervals, simply giving the Flameclasp Eruption debuff time to drop.


Players moving through the gap, then dropping traps on the opposite side of the tank hit.


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