Conclave of the Chosen



Normal Loot starts at Item level 385, Heroic Loot at 400 and Mythic Loot at 415.





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Quick Tips



  • Use a healing cooldown to cover the damage from Pa'ku's Wrath.
  • Only dispel Crawling Hex when the player is 8+ yards away from others.
  • Kimbul's Wrath leaves a permanent dot on anyone it hits. Keep them healthy!
  • Dispel Mind Wipe as soon as possible, prioritizing your fellow healers.

 Conclave of the Chosen Abilities & Strategy

Loa's Wrath

The encounter begins with the raid facing against Pa'ku's Aspect and Gonk's Aspect. When either of these are killed, Loa's Wrath is triggered.

The order in which the aspect bosses join the encounter is set and will not change, regardless of what order you defeat them in.

  • With this is mind, it is recommended that you always defeat the aspect that has a stack of Loa's Wrath, as they will be dealing 15% more damage.
  • If neither aspect has a stack of Loa's Wrath, such as at the beginning of the fight, we recommend that you kill the aspect boss that is most dangerous.
  • The aspect boss considered most dangerous by most players is Pa'ku Aspect and should be defeated first.

As the remaining aspect boss will heal back to full health, DPS should not actively look to cleave or multidot the aspect not currently being focused down.

  • Only classes who gain additional single target damage via multidotting/cleaving should do so on this encounter.

Loa's Pact

When two aspect bosses are within 7 yards of one another, they will gain the Loa's Pact buff.

  • This decreases the damage they take by 90% and increases the damage they deal by 90%. The buff is removed once the aspect bosses are moved over 7 yards apart.
  • Tanks must position the two active aspect bosses at least 8 yards apart at all times to ensure that the Loa's Pact buff is never triggered.

Each aspect boss has abilities which they will cast themselves, as well as one Wrath ability cast by the Loa they represent.

  • The Wrath ability is cast throughout the fight, even after the aspect boss has been defeated.
  • The Wrath ability will come into play once the corresponding aspect boss has activated.
  • This means the raid will have to deal with Pa'ku's Wrath and Gonk's Wrath from the beginning of the encounter to the very end, with Kimbul's Wrath and Akunda's Wrath abilities coming in once those aspect bosses have activated.

Pa'ku's Aspect

Hastening Winds

Each consecutive melee attack against the same target will increase the attack speed of Pa'ku's Aspect by 8%.

  • This effect stacks and will reset once Pa'ku's Aspect has hit a different target.
  • Tanks can taunt off of one another to reset this stack. This will briefly grant the bosses the Loa's Pact buff as the pass, but not for too long.
  • Alternatively, another player can taunt the boss, such as a melee dps. Once they have received one hit and reset the Hastening Winds buff, the tank can taunt back.
  • We recommend that you reset this buff when it reaches 20-30 stacks (depending on the confidence of your tanks).

Gift of Wind

Pa'ku's Aspect will occasionally cast Gift of Wind, applying a 15 second magical buff to all enemies, including both bosses and any adds.

  • This buff increases haste by 45% and movement speeds by 75%.
  • This buff should be purged off of all enemies as soon as possible.
  • Mages may wish to spellsteal this buff, as the additional haste grants a large output increase.

Pa'ku's Wrath

Every 70 seconds, Pa'ku will appear in the middle of the encounter area and fly to one edge of the room. Paku cannot be interacted with.

  • Upon reaching the edge of the room, it will channel Pa'ku's Wrath for 8 seconds.
  • This deals heavy nature damage to all players further than 10 yards away from Paku every second, and light nature damage to all players within 10 yards every second.
  • The raid must quickly identify where Paku is within the room and stand within the 10 yard zone around her as to minimize the damage taken from this ability.
  • Tank's must ensure that the two active aspect bosses are kept apart during this time by taking them on either side of the safe zone.

Stay within the safe zone during Pa'ku's Wrath.

Gonk's Aspect

Raptor Form

Gonk's Aspect will frequently transform in a Raptor Form and cast Wild Maul at the tank, dealing physical damage to all players in a 9 yard 90-degree cone directed at the tank every 0.5 sec for 4 seconds.

  • The tank needs to face Gonk away from any nearby players when this ability is cast, whilst anyone nearby ensures they do not stand in front of Gonk's Aspect.
  • This is most easily done by having any melee players stand directly behind Gonk's Aspect when they are damaging her.

Crawling Hex

Upon reaching 100 energy, Gonk's Aspect will cast Crawling Hex.

  • This applies a 5 second curse debuff to random non-tank players. These players are unable to attack or cast spells whilst the hex is active.
  • Upon expiration or decursing, the curse will spread to all players within 8 yards.
  • Players afflicted with Crawling Hex must move 8+ yards away from others before the debuff expires.
  • Players who can decurse can do so to reduce the length of the curse, but they must ensure that the player is at least 8+ yards away from others.
  • The raid should be loosely stacked in the middle of the encounter space to ensure there is always a nearby area the Crawling Hex players can safely move to.
  • The afflicted players must wait for their curse to end before entering the safe zone, as they would otherwise spread it to the stacked raid group.
Move 8+ yards away when you have the Crawling Hex debuff!

Gonk's Wrath

Kite, CC and Kill the Ravenous Stalkers!

Every 60 seconds, Gonk will appear in the middle of the encounter space and cast Gonk's Wrath. Gonk will then despawn. Gonk cannot be interacted with.

  • Gonk's Wrath causes 4 Ravenous Stalker adds to appear around the encounter space.
  • Each add will fixate a random player, marking them with Mark of Prey, before chasing them down.
  • Upon reaching a player they will deal moderate physical damage with their attacks until they decide to recast Mark of Prey.

All DPS should quickly switch to the Ravenous Stalkers to kill them off as soon as possible.

  • The adds are susceptible to multiple forms of crowd control, including stuns, slows and displacements.
  • These crowd control spells should be used to keep the Ravenous Stalkers away from their fixated target, as to keep incoming raid damage to a minimum.

Gonk's Wrath can be cast during a Pa'ku's Wrath.

  • The raid should be prepared to keep the adds at bay whilst within the safe zone, using crowd control to keep them back.
  • After Pa'ku's Wrath has ended, the raid can safely kite and kill the adds.

Once either Pa'ku's Aspect or Gonk's Aspect has been defeated, Kimbul's Aspect will join the encounter.

Kimbul's Aspect

Lacerating Claws

Kimbul's Aspect will frequently cast Lacerating Claws at the tank, dealing a burst of physical damage to all players within a cone and applying a light physical damage dot which lasts 45 seconds.

  • This ability is cast often enough to stack, forcing tanks to taunt swap to allow the debuff to expire.
  • We recommend that the tanks taunt swap on the 3-4 stack mark.

Kimbul's Wrath

Move away from others when
marked by Kimbul's Wrath!

Every 60 seconds, Kimbul will appear in the middle of the encounter space and mark multiple players. Just like the other Loa, Kimbul cannot be interacted with.

  • Moments later he will leap at each player in turn, dealing a moderate burst of physical damage and knocking down all players within 5 yards of the intended target.
  • All players hit by the leap will receive a stack of Bleeding Wounds, a permanent debuff which deals low physical damage every second. This can stack.
  • Players marked by Kimbul's Wrath need to move over 5 yards away from any other player to ensure that only the marked targets are hit by the ability and receive the bleed.
  • Healers must be prepared to keep the debuffed players healthy throughout the encounter. This becomes more difficult towards the end of the encounter, as more players will have the debuff.

Once either Gonk's Aspect or Kimbul's Aspect has been defeated, Akunda's Aspectwill join the encounter.

Akunda's Aspect

Thundering Storm

Akunda's Aspect will frequently cast Thundering Storm, creating a 10 yard zone around herself which will detonate at the end of the cast, dealing high nature damage to any player within it.

Move away from Akunda's Aspect when Thundering Storm is cast.

Mind Wipe

Akunda's Aspect will apply Mind Wipe magic debuffs to mutliple players. This 30 second debuff causes the player to "forget" all of their abilities whilst the debuff is on them.

  • Healers need to quickly dispel these debuffs as to allow the players to gain access to their abilities once again.
  • An interesting side effect of Mind Wipe is that the afflicted targets name will change to "Akunda the Wiped" whilst under its effect.

Spread out when afflicted by Akunda's Wrath!

Akunda's Wrath

Every 60 seconds, Akunda will appear in the middle of the encounter space and cast Akunda's Wrath before spawning. Just like the other Loa, Akunda cannot be interacted with.

  • This will apply a 6 second debuff to a large portion of the raid. This debuff explodes upon expiration, dealing high nature damage to anyone within 5 yards whilst spewing out several Static Orbs.
  • The Static Orbs will travel across the encounter space, dealing damage and stunning players for 2 seconds if they come into contact with it.
  • This will also help spread the orbs out, creating gaps for players to move between to avoid them.

Akunda's Wrath will cast 30 seconds after Akunda's Aspect enters the encounter. It is vital that players do not kill the previous aspect boss at a time which will cause the Akunda's Wrath to overlap with a Pa'ku's Wrath.

  • In practice, this is done by killing the previous aspect boss during a Pa'ku's Wrath. This will off-set the two wrath abilities in such a way that they will never overlap with one another.

Once Akunda's Aspect joins the fray, the raid should defeat Kimbul's Aspect next, as he has a stack of the Loa's Wrath damage increase.

Heroic Difficulty

Cry of the Fallen

Whenever an aspect boss is defeated, they will let out one final spell Cry of the Fallen.

  • This applies a 6 second debuff to all players which deals moderate nature damage every 0.5 seconds.
  • This damage can be lethal when in combination with other incoming damage sources.
  • Healers should use at least one healing cooldown each time Cry of the Fallen is triggered to help counteract the incoming damage.

Pack Hunter

Whenever Ravenous Stalker adds spawned via Gonk's Wrath are within 5 yards of one another, they will gain the Pack Hunter buff.

  • This 5 second buff increases their movement speed by 75% and grants crowd control immunity.
  • The players with Mark of Prey need to ensure they do not kite their Ravenous Stalker into another add, otherwise it is likely that the raptor will catch up to them and deal substantial melee damage to them.


Move away from the landing location of Krag'wa!

Throughout the encounter, the Loa Krag'wa will appear in the middle of the encounter space and cast Krag'wa's Wrath. Krag'wa does not have an aspect boss associated with it.

  • Krag'wa will then jump to one of the three players who is furthest away from it, dealing damage and kncoking back all players within it's landing zone.
  • After jumping four times, Krag'wa will despawn.

Krag'wa could theoretically be baited into jumping into two separate groups of three players, allowing all other players to ignore the mechanic.

  • That being said, the time it takes for Krag'wa to jump from one spot to another is fixed. Regardless of distance, he will always take the same time to get from point A to point B.
  • Therefore, players can simply just move from the swirly zone Krag'wa marks each time he jumps. This will counter the mechanic just as well as setting up two "bounce" teams.
  • Krag'wa's Wrath can occur during a Pa'ku's Wrath. Players must exercise extreme caution, as being hit during this could knock players out of the safe zone and lead to their demise.

Mythic Difficulty

This section of the guide will be updated when Conclave of the Chosen is defeated on mythic difficulty on live servers.


Throughout the encounter, the Loa Bwonsamdi will appear in the middle of the encounter space and cast Bwonsamdi's Wrath. Bwonsamdi does not have an aspect boss associated with it.

  • Bwonsamdi's Wrath applies a permanent curse debuff to a random player which causes them to become immune to healing.
  • Absorbs and "health share" abilities such as Spirit Link Totem do work on Bwonsamdi's Wrath targets.
  • When the curse is dispelled, it will jump to the closest player who is not afflicted with Bwonsamdi's Wrath.

Healers need to ensure that the Bwonsamdi's Wrath debuffs are dispelled at the correct times to allow healing on an afflicted player.

As the fight progresses, more and more Bwonsamdi's Wrath debuffs will be present on the raid.

  • It is speculated that up to 7 or 8 debuffs may be active on the raid in the later stages of the encounter.


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