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Artificer Xy'mox Quick Tips in Castle Nathria

  • Players marked with Dimensional Tear will need to place the wormhole spawned by the debuff in specific locations depending on what relic is active!
  • You can instantly teleport between the two wormhole locations by moving into one of them.
  • Tanks need to take turns taking the Glyph of Destruction. Use the wormhole or run far way when it is applied to you!
  • Dodge the line attacks from the portals when the boss casts Rift Blast.
  • Hyperlight Spark deals high unavoidable raid damage to each member of the raid... heal them up!

The three phases are defined by three Relics placed by Artificer Xy'mox. These change based on the boss's health:

Relic 1: Crystal of Phantasms - 100% - 70% Health

  • Place the Dimensional Tear wormholes in the far east and far west. The raid should be positioned around one of these wormholes.
  • Kite your add whilst utilizing the wormholes if you are fixated by a Fleeting Spirit to avoid being mind controlled!
  • Damage any players who become mind controlled to free them.

Relic 2: Root of Extinction - 70% - 40% Health

  • Place the Dimensional Tear wormholes in the far east and far west. The raid should be positioned around one of these wormholes.
  • Have one player pick up the nearby Seed of Extinction and use the wormhole to move it far away from the raid.
  • Have one player pick up the seed at the north of the room and another to the south. They should move the seeds far away and use the wormhole to return.
  • Spot heal any player afflicted with Witheri Withering Touch!

Relic 3: Edge of Annihilation - 40% - 0% Health

  • Place the Dimensional Tear wormholes in the middle of the room and against the west/east wall of the room.
  • Run into the wormhole in the middle of the room just before the Edge of Annihilation cast completes as to avoid the 25 yard radius lethal damage.
  • Try to remain relatively stacked as to allow healers to counter the constant Aura of Dread damage.


Artificer Xy'mox Abilities

Artificer Xy'mox has four abilities that he will use throughout the entire encounter.

Dimensional Tear

Every 40 seconds, two random non-tank players will receive the 8 second long Dimensional Tear debuff.

  • Upon expiration, each debuff will deal a burst of arcane damage to the player and anyone within 6 yards whilst also creating a wormhole at this location.
  • The wormholes last until the next set of Dimensional Tear debuffs are applied.
  • If a player runs into a wormhole, they will instantly teleport to the other wormhole. This works regardless of how far the wormholes are from one another.
  • After teleporting, the player will receive a 3 second debuff which prevents them from reusing the wormhole whilst the debuff holds. This simply stops you from accidentally teleporting back upon using the wormhole.

Players marked with Dimensional Tear should move far from one another!

This mechanic is used to counter a large portion of the bosses abilities, primarily the "relic" abilities throughout all three phases.

  • The positions that the marked players want to place the wormholes changes depending on what phase you are in.
  • You will find descriptions and maps of these wormhole placement positions under the "relic" ability sections.
  • That being said, one thing that all positions have in common in that one Wormhole is placed near the raid and the other is placed further away in the room.
  • The two marked players need to quickly decide who is going to run far from the raid and who is going to remain close.
  • We recommend that classes with the best mobility are the ones that run further away, as they are most likely to get the wormhole in the ideal position.

Moving into a wormhole instantly teleports you to the other one!

Glyph of Destruction

Around every 30 seconds, the boss will cast Glyph of Destruction on the current tank, dealing moderate arcane damage every second over 4 seconds.

  • Upon expiration, the glyph explodes dealing near lethal arcane damage to all players. This damage is reduced the further players are from the afflicted tank.
  • Upon receiving this debuff, the tank should look to move as far from the raid as possible whilst using a defensive cooldown. This can be done with the tanks own movement abilities or by using a nearby Wormhole.
  • The raid should be relatively close to the boss whilst the boss is tanked on one side of the room. This maximizes the distance that players can generate from this explosion.
  • Healers need to ensure that all other players are healthy as to make sure that nobody dies to this burst damage.

This debuff also applies Arcane Vulnerability to the afflicted tank, increasing arcane damage taken by 50% for 45 seconds.


The tank needs to move away from the raid when you are afflicted with Glyph of Destruction!

Rift Blast

The boss will occasionally cast Rift Blast, which spawns several portals next to random players.

  • Each portal will target a nearby player with a long line attack towards their location. After a few moments, a beam will shoot down this line dealing high arcane damage to anyone in its path.
  • Players simply need to dodge out of the path of the beam. This is easily done as long as everyone is paying attention, as the line attacks do not track any players location once it has chosen its target.

Avoid standing in the path of the Rift Blast!

Hyperlight Spark

Artificer Xy'mox will infrequently cast Hyperlight Spark.

  • This is a spark that will jump between each player a single time, dealing moderate arcane damage each time it bounces off of a player.
  • This is entirely unavoidable damage that simply needs to be healed up.
  • Healers should be wary when this damage overlaps with other abilities, such as Glyph of Destruction, as the combined damage may instantly kill a low health player.


Artificer Xy'mox Phase 1

Relic 1: Crystal of Phantasms - 100% - 70% Health

Fleeting Spirit

30 seconds into the encounter, a large green crystal appears in the air above the middle of the room.

  • Approximately every 40 seconds, the crystal will summon several Fleeting Spirit adds. Each add will then fixate a random player for 12 seconds.
  • If they reach their target, the player becomes mind controlled via Possession until they take a damage equal to ~50% of their health.
  • This mind control is really bad, as the mind controlled player might use crowd control abilities on somebody else who is fixated and kiting, causing them to become mind controlled as well.

Kite the Fleeting Spirit to avoid being mind controlled!

To counter this, place the Dimensional Rifts on opposite sides of the room.

  • If you are fixated when the adds spawn, quickly enter the wormhole, wait until the add is nearly at your position, then take the wormhole back.
  • Fortunately, the adds show if you are fixated for a few seconds before they begin chasing you, allowing you to make your way to the wormhole with relative ease.

Place the portals in the position shown in this map!

Soul Singe

Shortly before spawning a wave of Fleeting Spirit adds, this crystal will deal low shadow damage to several random raid members over a 4 second duration.

Relic 1: Crystal of Phantasms will remain active until the boss reaches 70% health.

  • If the crystal summons adds just as the boss reaches 70% health, the crystal will remain active until all adds have despawned. Only then will the next relic spawn.


Artificer Xy'mox Phase 2

Relic 2: Root of Extinction - 70% - 40% Health

Shortly after the Crystal of Phantasms has despawned, the boss will summon a gnarled staff that floats in the air above the middle of the room.

  • Every ~45 seconds, this relic will spawn 4 Seed of Extinction around the room. One in at each cardinal direction: North, South, East and West.
  • After 20 seconds, the seeds explode, dealing near lethal nature damage to anyone within 50 yards.
  • Players can interact with the seeds, allowing them to pick them up. This also gives the player an extra action button allowing them to drop it.

Pick up the seeds, throw them away from the raid and then use the wormhole to return!

To counter this, place the Dimensional Rifts on opposite sides of the room in the same way as you did for the Crystal of Phantasms .

  • You want to assign three people responsible for dealing with the seeds.
  • One player grabs the seed near the raid, the other two grab the ones near the entrance and where the boss spawns.
  • These players then run the seeds over to the far end of the room and then use the wormhole to return.
  • The player who picks up the seed near the raid can use the wormhole to get to the far side. After dropping their seed they can then return via the wormhole.
  • The same three players can do this job every single time.
  • If the Glyph of Destruction tank debuff happens to line up with the explosion of the seeds, the tank should move as far away from the raid as they can without being within the seeds explosion radius.

Place the wormholes and move the seeds as shown in this map!

Withering Touch

Shortly before spawning a set of seeds, this relic will occasionally apply a nasty 21 second Withering Touch debuff on a random player.

  • This player will need to be spot healed by your healers throughout the debuff, as it deals high nature damage every 1.5 seconds.
  • If this player is responsible for dealing with the a seed, they should either have somebody else deal with the seed or have a healer follow them to keep them healthy.

Relic 2: Root of Extinction will remain active until the boss reaches 40% health.

  • If the relic summons seeds just as the boss reaches 40% health, the relic will remain active until all seeds have detonated. Only then will the next relic spawn.


Artificer Xy'mox Phase 3

Relic 3: Edge of Annihilation - 40% - 0% Health


Shortly after the Root of Extinction has despawned, a large sword appears in the middle of the encounter space.

  • Every ~35-40 seconds, the sword will begin to drag in all players at an every increasing rate over 10 seconds.
  • After those 10 seconds, all players within 25 yards of the sword will take lethal shadow damage and be knocked back away from the sword.

To counter this, place the one Dimensional Rift near the raid and the other next to the sword in the middle of the room.

  • When the drag in starts, all players can stand near the sword, since standing within the 25 yards does not deal any damage to you until the 10 second drag-in has completed.
  • Just as the cast is about to end, all players then run into the wormhole and teleport safely out of the 25 yard explosion radius.
  • You can use addon timers to see when the drag-in is about to end, or you can see that the a blue ring is growing outwards from the sword. When this blue ring reaches the edge of the white 25 yard indicator, the sword will explode.

Place the wormholes in the positions shown in this map!

This ability can also be countered by running against the wall with a large movement speed increase, such as Wind Rush Totem or Stampeding Roar.

  • This is just less efficient for damage dealers who cannot deal damage on the move, but can work if your raid wishes to do this and has enough of these movement speed increases.
  • You can also counter this ability with a warlock gateway, however we believe this should only be used as a backup as the drag-in ability is cast more often than players can use gateways.

Use the wormhole to quickly leave the Edge of Annihilation area!

This drag-in ability can happen at the same time as the Glyph of Destruction is applied to the tank.

  • This can be dealt with easily for a tank with good mobility options, as they can simply just roll or jump away, but for tanks without these options it can be much more difficult.
  • Ideally the raid has a separate warlock gateway placed near the middle of the room that leads to the side of the room that isn't used by the raid.
  • This can be taken by the tank to avoid the Edge of Annihilation and create distance between themselves and the rest of the raid.

Aura of Dread

Whilst this relic is present in the room, all players will be taking low shadow damage every 3 seconds. This damage is unavoidable.

  • The raid should do their best to keep close to one another as to help healers efficiently out heal the damage with area of effect spells.

Relic 3: Edge of Annihilation will remain active until the boss is dead.

Heroic Artificer Xy'mox in Castle Nathria

Stasis Trap

10 seconds into the encounter, and every ~30 seconds after that point, the boss will summon several Stasis Trap at the location of random players.

  • After 4 seconds these traps will arm themselves. If a player comes into contact with them when they are armed, the trap will trigger.
  • The player who triggered the Stasis Trap will be stunned and take moderate arcane damage every 2 seconds. At the same time, the stasis trap will become attackable and must be defeated to release the player.
  • Players should attempt to bait the spawn locations of these traps into low traffic areas, such as against the walls of the encounter space, as otherwise players moving from mechanics are likely to run straight into them.
  • It is currently unclear whether these traps despawn overtime. If they do, it certainly takes over 2 minutes for them to despawn.

Avoid standing within the armed Stasis Trap!

These traps can be triggered safely by somebody using a magic immunity/deflection.

Root of Extinction

When the Root of Extinction is active, it will spawn 8 Seed of Extinction, up from 4.

  • These seeds are placed with three towards the west and east, one in the North and one in the South.
  • To create a safe zone, players will need to move a minimum of 4 seeds; however, it is far safer to clear 5.
  • We recommend that you assign 5 people to grab the seeds marked on the map and move them to the far end of the room, just like what is done on normal difficulty.

Beta Test Note: On last heroic testing, this boss only spawned 4 Seed of Extinction - however the dungeon journal has since been updated to indicate that 8 spawn instead. We are unsure if this is an error or not.


Additional players need to get involved in moving the seeds!

Mythic Artificer Xy'mox in Castle Nathria

Fleeting Spirit

If a player comes into contact with the Fleeting Spirit that is fixating them, they will become mind controlled until they are slain.

  • This is here to further punish players who do not deal with this mechanic correctly, as well as to prevent players from just soaking the spirit and being quickly damaged free.


On mythic difficulty, the relics spawned by the boss will remain active for the rest of the encounter.

  • This means that you will be dealing with three relics at the end of the fight, instead of just one at a time.
  • As of the most recent testing, the ability timers seem to reset when a new relic is activated, as to avoid impossible overlaps due to unfortunate push-timing.
  • The raid will need to learn each overlaps and decide on how they want to handle them, as they have to kite Fleeting Spirits, reposition Seed of Extinction and run against the Edge of Annihilation in various overlapping combinations.

We expect that the standard placement for Dimensional Tear wormholes will be one in the far east and one in the far west, and these are unlikely to change throughout the fight.

Although the powerful abilities these relics cast may be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about having all up at once, a hidden killer is the other spells the relics cast.

  • The Soul Singe damage in addition to the Aura of Dread ends up dealing a huge amount of damage to the raid... and that isn't even taking into account the Withering Touch debuff(s) that are applied as well.

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