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Quick Tips

Upper Platform:

  • Send pairs of players to transport the Power Matrix north along the path to deposit it into the Reorigination Drive.
  • These players should use movement abilities to traverse the path as quickly as possible.
  • Damage the Amorphous Cysts in your path to reduce the radius of their slowing Undulating Mass aura.
  • Players holding the Power Matrix will eventually become rooted. Use the extra action button to throw the Power Matrix to your partners location!
  • After a Power Matrix has been deposited, the players who touched it will not be able to touch another one for 5 minutes.
  • Trigger as many Reorigination Blasts as possible throughout phases one and two by depositing the Power Matrix orbs into the drive.
  • Players moving up to the Upper Platform should be topped beforehand to ensure they remain healthy whilst out of range.
  • A healer may need to accompany a pair of players on the Upper Platform if the pair has Putrid Blood stacks.

All phases:

Phase One:

  • Focus down the Cyclopean Terror adds and interrupt their Torment casts.
  • Stand near the Dark Young when it casts Dark Bargain, but do not gain two stacks or you will become mind controlled.
  • Bring mind controlled players to 50% health to break the effect.
  • Do not bother attacking G'huun during the phase, as he heals all damage taken via his Blood Shield passive.

Phase Two:

Phase Three:

  • Move away from the marked locations at the beginning of the phase when the ceiling begins to Collapse!
  • The Reorigination Drive will not work during this phase.
  • Stack as group next to the boss to help healers more efficiently deal with the incoming damage from Wave of Corruption.
  • The Putrid Blood stacks will not be removed in this phase... kill the boss before the damage gets out of control!
  • Face away from G'huun when he casts Gaze of G'huun, otherwise you'll be feared for 6 seconds.


Tank-Specific Quick Tips

Phase One:

Phase Two:

Phase Three:

G'huun Abilities

Encounter Space

G'huuns encounter space can be separated into two different areas, the Arena Floor and the Upper Platforms.

The Arena Floor is the main area where the group engages the adds during phase one, and the boss during phases two and three.

The Upper Platforms are the two raised areas in the east and west where players will be delivering Power Matrix orbs to a Reorigination Drive during phases one and two.

  • The Upper Platforms can be accessed via a ramp found towards the south of the encounter space.
  • Dragging any enemies up to these platform areas will reset the encounter.
  • Players on the platforms will be out of line of sight for all players on the arena floor.
  • Players on the platform can jump down from the upper platforms down to the arena floor.

The Upper Platforms

Throughout phases one and two, the Upper Platforms will have a Power Matrix orb spawn towards the southern end of one of the platforms.

  • This Power Matrix orb will always spawn on the west platform first. After that Power Matrix has been used or destroyed, it will then spawn at the eastern platform.
  • This will continue to alternate throughout the fight, with the pattern only resetting after a Reorigination Blast has occured.

The Power Matrix always spawns on in this area.

Teams of players need to move the Power Matrix north along the platform and then deposit it in the Reorignation Module.

  • This will grant the module 35 energy. Upon reaching 100 energy, it will cast Reorigination Blast whilst resetting it's energy back to 0.
  • Reorigination Blast deals ticking damage to all enemies and players over 24 seconds. This also stuns all enemies, including G'huun, and increases the damage they take by 100% over the abilities duration.
  • The group needs to trigger several Reorigination Blasts throughout the encounter, first to transition the boss into phase two and then as often as possible throughout phase two to deal substantial damage to the boss.

To begin moving the Power Matrix along the platform, a player can right click on the Power Matrix to pick it up and hold it.

  • The player holding the Power Matrix can cast all of their abilities like usual, however their movement speed will be reduced by 20% every 2 seconds.
  • After 10 seconds, they will become rooted to the spot. Rooted players can still teleport, through the use of spells like blink, but cannot dash or leap, through the use of spells such as Fel Rush.
  • At this point, players must use their extra action button to Throw Power Matrix to a target location within 20 yards.
  • If a different player stands at this location, they will catch it. If the Power Matrix hits the ground, it will be destroyed and will a new matrix will spawn on the opposite Upper Platform.

Damage the Amorphous Cysts to reduce the size
of their slowing Undulating Mass aura!

A pair of players should move along the Upper Platform whilst throwing the Power Matrix between each other until they reach the end, at which point they can deposit it into the Reorigination Module.

  • After depositing the Power Matrix, the pair of players should jump back down into the encounter area, rather than run along the Upper Platform and down the ramp, as to quickly rejoin the group.
  • Players should use movement abilities to make this task as quick as possible, making classes such as Demon Hunters, Warriors, Monks and Mages exceptionally good choices for this job.
  • If classes such as these save their movement abilities and use them all at once, they are able to clear the majority of the path in one go, especially if they are assisted by warlock gateways.

Both of the Upper Platforms are coated in Amorphous Cyst adds.

  • These adds will not directly attack players, instead choosing to remain dormant.
  • Each cyst has an Undulating Mass aura around it which deals low ticking damage and reduces the movement speed of all players who stand within it by 75%.
  • Players can temporarily reduce the radius of this aura by damaging the add.
  • The amount of damage done to the Amorphous Cyst is irrelevant, instead each instance of damage will cause it to shrink, regardless of how much damage that is.
  • This makes abilities that deal damage frequently stronger than those that deal large bursts of damage infrequently.
  • The pair of players that are transporting the Power Matrix along the platform should attempt to reduce the amount of Undulating Mass they encounter along their path.

As soon as the Power Matrix has been deposited into the module or destroyed by hitting the ground, the players who interacted with that particular Power Matrix will receive the Imperfect Physiology debuff.

  • Imperfect Physiology is an irremovable 5 minute debuff which prevents the player from interacting with the Power Matrix in any way, including picking it up or catching it.
  • This forces the raid to send different pairs of players to deal with each new Power Matrix.
  • The group is likely to get through 6 pairs of players before the first pairs Imperfect Physiology debuff expires. The group should assign players to these pairs before pulling the boss.

Whilst on the Upper Platforms, players will be taking a small amount of damage every 2 seconds via the Unclean Pathogen.

  • This damage isn't high enough to require a healer to be present on the platform, as long as the players were healthy before moving up and they work quickly.
  • During phase two, a healer may need to accompany the pair of players to ensure they remain healthy if they are also afflicted with other damaging debuffs, such as the Putrid Blood dot.

Phase One

During phase one, G'huun will engage the party from afar whilst held up in his protective lair.

  • He does not need to be tanked during this time, and he has the Blood Shield passive which heals him for 5% maximum health every 0.5 seconds.
  • Players should not attempt to deal damage to the boss during this time, as their damage will just be immediately out-healed, instead focus your efforts on killing the different adds that spawn throughout the phase.

Move away from the group when
afflicted with Explosive Corruption!

G'huun will apply Explosive Corruption debuffs onto random non-tank players who are on the Arena Floor.

  • This 6 second debuff will explode upon expiration, dealing damage to all players within 5 yards and creating a patch of Blighted Ground.
  • Blighted Ground deals damage and slows the movement speed of any player who stands within it by 70%.
  • As these patches will not be removed until a Reorigination Blast occurs, players should move towards low traffic areas to place them out of harms way, such as one of the edges of the encounter space.

Explosive Corruption will also send out 5 Virulent Corruption orbs that radiate across the encounter space, dealing a moderate burst of damage to anyone it contacts.

  • By moving away from the raid, the afflicted player gives the raid more time to dodge these incoming Virulent Corruption orbs.

G'huun will cast Thousand Maws to spawn two different adds throughout the phase that the raid needs to deal with.

Cyclopean Terror

Cyclopean Terrors spawn spread around the encounter space in groups of 3-6. These adds do not need to be tanked.

  • The terrors will spam cast Torment at a random player, dealing ever increasing shadow damage every 3 seconds over the 15 second cast.
  • All terrors should be interrupted as often as possible. The group should utilise stuns and silences to lock the terrors out for long periods of time.
  • The terrors should be killed as the highest priority, as the group is unlikely to be able to cover all of their casts over prolonged periods of time.

Dark Young

Dark Young adds spawn singularly alongside the Cyclopean Terrors. These adds need to be tanked and will cast Massive Smash at the tank, dealing a large burst of physical damage whilst knocking them back.

  • The tank should ensure they have active mitigation to help reduce the impact of this hit.
  • Immobile tanks may wish to taunt off of each other after each Massive Smash as to help keep the Dark Young add relatively still.

Do not gain two stacks of Dark Bargain!

The Dark Young have an energy bar which fills over time. Upon reaching 100% energy they will begin to cast Dark Bargain.

  • This 4 second uninterruptible cast will apply a debuff to all players and enemies within 10 yards, increasing damage and healing dealt and damage taken by 25% for 30 seconds.
  • The tank should position the Dark Young within 10 yards of as many Cyclopean Terrors as possible to apply this damage taken increase debuff to them.
  • The raid should also stack up in the ability to gain the output increasing effects, whilst the tanks avoid the ability.
  • This is easily done as the Dark Young will not move during the cast, allowing the tanks to easily move away.
  • If a player gains 2 stacks of Dark Bargain, they will become mind controlled and turn on their allies, so all players must avoid gaining 2 stacks of this ability.
  • If a player does become mind controlled, the group must damage them down to 50% of their maximum health to break the effect.

The group should kill the Dark Young as the second priority, mainly by cleaving damage off of the Cyclopean Terrors onto the Dark Young.

  • The group may wish to deliberately keep a Dark Young add alive to keep high up-time on the output increasing Dark Bargain cast.
  • That being said, the group should avoid having two Dark Young adds alive at any given time as the tanks will struggle to deal with the incoming damage.

Stack up to help healers
out-heal the Reorigination Blast!

The raid must deal with these two adds whilst sending pairs of players up to the Upper Platforms to power up the Reorigination Module to trigger a Reorigination Blast.

  • Any remaining Thousand Maws adds active at the time of the Reorigination Blast can be ignored, as the stun combined with the damage from the ability will kill them without the assistance of the raid.
  • As soon as the blast has begun, the group should stack up to allow the healers to efficiently heal the group.
  • Healers should not need to use any cooldowns to counteract the damage from this Reorigination Blast, as there should be no other sources of incoming damage.
  • Groups with a Discipline Priest may wish to stack towards the northern parts of the Arena Floor to allow that player to deal damage to G'huun and heal the group via Atonement.
  • Other players should not bother damaging G'huun during this time, unless it is beneficial for their DPS at the end of the Reorigination Blast, as the Blood Shield passive is still active.

Once the Reorigination Blast has completed, G'huun will emerge from his protective lair and enter the encounter space.

  • At this point he will lose his Blood Shield passive and engage the group directly. Phase two has now begun.

Phase Two: 100% - 20%

G'huun will no longer spawn any Thousand Maws adds during this phase, but he will still continue to apply Explosive Corruption to random non-tank players.

  • This ability should be dealt with in the same way as phase one, by moving to the edge of the encounter area as to spawn the Blighted Ground patch and Virulent Corruption orbs away from the raid.

Corrupting Bite

G'huun needs to be tanked during phase two. With each melee attack he will deal an additional burst of plague damage to the tank via Corrupting Bite.

  • Each consecutive melee attack against the same target will buff G'huun with a stack of Growing Corruption which increases the damage of Corrupting Bite by 15%.
  • These stacks will reset upon melee hitting a new target. The tanks should taunt off of each other when G'huun gains 6-8 stacks of Growing Corruption to keep incoming damage low.

Wave of Corruption

On a timer, G'huun will unleash a wave that radiates across the entire Arena Floor, dealing damage and applying a stack of Putrid Blood to all players in the area.

  • Putrid Blood is an endless-duration debuff which deals low ticking damage every 1.5 seconds and will stack each time a player is hit by a Wave of Corruption.
  • The raid should stack up behind, or to the side of, G'huun as to allow healers to efficiently out-heal this incoming damage.
  • Wave of Corruption will not hit players who are on the Upper Platforms.
  • Do note: This stack strategy does not work on heroic mode! Please see the heroic section of the guide for more information.

Blood Feast

Stack up on the Blood Feast afflicted player!

After two Wave of Corruptions, the boss will hold this ability and instead place the Blood Feast debuff on to a random non-tank player on the Arena Floor.

  • This 10 second debuff immobilizes the player over it's duration. Upon expiration, all players within 10 yards will have their Putrid Blood stacks reset and a Gibbering Horror add will spawn.
  • The entire raid, including the tanks, should stand within 10 yards of the Blood Feast afflicted player to ensure they remove their Putrid Blood stacks.
  • As soon as the add spawns, the entire group should focus it down whilst cleaving damage on to the boss.
  • The tanks need to ensure that that one of them holds the boss whilst the other holds the add, as to avoid one tank taking too much damage.
  • Shortly after the Blood Feast debuff has expired, G'huun will begin to cast Wave of Corruption once again.

The Gibbering Horror will spawn with stacks of the Blood Might buff, increasing it's maximum health and damage done by 5% per stack.

  • The amount of Blood Might stacks the add spawns with is equal to the amount of Putrid Blood stacks that are removed by the Blood Feast.
  • This should not dissuade players from removing their stacks, as removing the Putrid Blood stacks is far more important than reducing the Blood Might stacks the add spawns with.
  • This add will also cast Mind-Numbing Chatter which deals damage and interrupts casting for 3 seconds for all players.
  • Players should stop casting as the Mind-Numbing Chatter cast completes to avoid being locked out for 3 seconds.

Upper Platforms

Throughout this phase, the raid should be triggering as many Reorigination Blasts as possible, as this will allow the group to make meaningful progress through the bosses large health pool.

  • Some pairs are likely to have stacks of Putrid Blood whilst on the Upper Platform. These pairs should include a healer or the players may need to be accompanied by a healer to ensure they remain healthy.
  • It is preferable that the blasts are triggered just as a Gibbering Horror add has spawned, as the majority of the raid will have no stacks of Putrid Blood and the add will also take damage.
  • Due to the frequency of the Blood Feast cast, it is highly unlikely that each Gibbering Horror will be hit with the Reorigination Blast. Hitting every other add is far more achievable.

Phase Three will begin once G'huun reaches 20% health.

Phase Three: 20% - 0%

G'huun will destroy the Reorigination Drive upon entering the phase, preventing the raid from triggering any additional Reorigination Blasts during phase three.

  • The ramps leading to the Upper Platforms will also be coated with Amorphous Cysts, as to prevent players from easily accessing the area.
  • The group must rely on their damage alone to finish off the boss.

As the Reorigination Drive is destroyed, several parts of the ceiling will Collapse into the encounter area.

  • This marks multiple areas of the encounter space. These areas will each have a part of the ceiling fall on them, dealing significant nature damage and knocking back the entire raid.
  • The damage from this ability drops off with distance. Players need to move as far away from each zone as possible, whilst using damage reduction and healing cooldowns to survive the damage.

G'huun has maintained the Explosive Corruption, Corrupting Bite and Wave of Corruption mechanics from phase two.

  • The group should deal with these in an identical fashion to how they dealt with them during phase two.

As the boss will no longer cast Blood Feast, the Putrid Blood stacks applied via Wave of Corruption will not be reset during this phase.

  • This acts as a pseudo enrage, as the raid must defeat the boss before the incoming damage gets too high.
  • After the Collapse ability has ended, the group should stack up and remain stacked up as much as possible to allow healers to efficiently out-heal this damage.
  • Bloodlust and large damage cooldowns should be saved for this last phase as to make it as quick as possible.
  • Do Note: Just like phase two, this strategy does not work on heroic mode! Please check the heroic section of this guide for more information.

G'huun has gained access to the Gaze of G'huun ability in this phase.

  • After a short cast, all players facing the boss will be feared for 6 seconds.
  • The entire raid must turn away from the boss before this cast completes, as to ensure they maintain their stacked formation throughout this phase.

Raid Finder Difficulty

Aside from numerical changes, in which the boss has less health and deals less damage, there are several mechanical changes to the Raid Finder difficulty version of this encounter.

Explosive Corruption will only send out 3 Virulent Corruption orbs upon expiration, down from 5.

  • Although this doesn't change the strategy players should use for this ability, it does make it less likely that a player will be hit by a Virulent Corruption orb, as there are fewer of them.

The Dark Young adds Dark Bargain debuff will not mind control players upon reaching 2 stacks.

  • This does allow players to gain as many stacks of Dark Bargain as they like, however they should be cautious as several damage taken increase stacks may lead to a quick death.

Blood Feasts duration is 8 seconds, down from 10, and it's Putrid Blood removing range is 12 yards, up from 10.

  • The increase in range makes it more likely that more players will have their Putrid Blood stacks removed.

Heroic Difficulty

Aside from numerical changes, in which the boss has more health and deals more damage, there are several mechanical changes to the G'huun encounter on Heroic difficulty.

The Virulent Corruption orbs that spawn from the Explosive Corruption will apply a new instance of Explosive Corruption to any player they contact.

Although players on the Upper Platforms will be taking slightly higher damage from the Unclean Contagion, the damage isn't high enough to require a dedicated healer to counteract it.

  • Just like normal mode, the healers need to ensure any player travelling to the Upper Platforms should be topped up as to easily survive the damage sources in the area.

Phase One

The raid will need to occasionally deal with a new add: the Blightspreader Tendril.

  • This immobile add needs to be tanked and will frequently cast Decaying Eruption which deals a large burst of plague damage to all players.
  • The group must interrupt this cast as the highest priority.
  • The tank alongside one other 14 second interrupt should rotate their kicks to sufficiently cover each cast.

The Blightspreader Tendril spawns with 100% energy which slowly depletes over time.

  • Upon reaching 0% energy, it will cast Burrow and teleport to another area of the Arena Floor.
  • The group should aim to kill this add before it has the chance to cast Burrow.
  • If Burrow does occur, the two players assigned to interrupt it should run over to it to maintain their interrupt rotation, whilst the raid quickly finishes it off.

A player mind controlled by gaining two stacks of Dark Bargain will only have the effect removed upon death, rather than at 50%.

  • Any player who accidentally gets mind controlled should be killed as soon as possible as to prevent them from creating chaos amongst the raid.

Phase Two

Example of raid positioning that will minimise splash damage during phase two.

As the Wave of Corruption washes across the raid, each player will also pulse out damage and knock back any other player within 5 yards. This splash damage also applies an additional stack of Putrid Blood.

The Putrid Blood removing radius of Blood Feast has been reduced to 8 yards, down from 10.

  • This minor change forces players to stack slightly closer than before... but otherwise doesn't change the strategy.

Phase Three

Similarly to phase two, the entire raid must remain spread 5 yards throughout the phase to ensure they do not splash damage onto one another when Wave of Corruption is cast.

  • This makes healing the phase substantially more difficult, as area of effect healing abilities will hit less players.
  • Healers should rotate healing cooldowns towards the later stages of the phase to help combat the high damage coming from the Putrid Blood stacks.

G'huun will frequently cast Malignant Growth.

  • This will cover 3 large areas of the encounter space in red growths. The growths will swell over 8 seconds and then explode, dealing near lethal damage to anyone within 8 yards.
  • 4 seconds after the first three large areas are coated in Malignant Growths, the remaining encounter space will also be coated in growths.
  • Players should stand within these second areas as to dodge the first wave of exploding growths.
  • After the first set has exploded, the raid must move into the newly safe areas as to dodge the second wave of exploding growths.

Example of movement required to deal with the Malignant Growth ability.

G'huun will continue to cast his abilities during the Malignant Growth, including Wave of Corruption. The group must remain spread five yards whilst moving from these growths.

  • This is most easily achieved by tanking G'huun in the middle of the encounter area whilst the raid spreads evenly across the space, whilst remaining within healing range.
  • Healers should attempt to stand close to the centre of the encounter space as to maintain healing range on as many players as possible.

Mythic Difficulty

Aside from numerical changes, in which the boss has more health and deals more damage, there are several mechanical changes to the G'huun encounter on Mythic difficulty.

  • Do note: G'huun, just like all end bosses, was not tested publicly. The only information available for this difficulty is found via the Dungeon Journal.

During phase one, Explosive Corruption is now applied to up to 12 players at once, up from 1.

Whenever a Thousand Maws add or a Gibbering Horror add dies, a Spawn of G'huun add will emerge from their corpse.

  • This add will fixate on a random player via Dark Purpose, gaining movement speed over time until it reaches its target or dies.
  • Upon reaching their target they will despawn and apply Blood Host to them, a 20 second disease dot which spawns two new Spawn of G'huun adds upon removal or expiration.
  • The group needs to quickly kill all Spawn of G'huun adds before they reach their intended target.
  • It is currently unknown whether these adds can fixate melee players.

The Amorphous Cysts on the Upper Platform have Tendrils of Corruption listed as an ability.

  • This will root any player who touches the tendril, whilst dealing damage to them over 12 seconds.
  • Players will need to avoid this tendril by simply not running into it, or by damaging the Amorphous Cyst to reduce the radius in which it can grab people.
  • As this task will likely take a fair amount of time, a group of players will likely need to escort each Power Matrix, instead of just a pair of players.

Whilst holding a Power Matrix, a Matrix Surge will move towards you. This surge of energy deals lethal damage to all players within 4 yards every 0.5 seconds.

  • Players will need to kite the Matrix Surge around to ensure it never gets within 4 yards of any player, likely by throwing the Power Matrix around to one another.

The Reorigination Drive will only be charged if two Power Matrices are deposited within 3 seconds of one another.

The Gibbering Horror add will form into a pool of Blighted Ground upon death, reforming back into a Gibbering Horror with 80% health after 50 seconds.

Throughout phases two and three, G'huun will spawn three Bursting Boils.

  • Each boil explodes after 8 seconds, dealing an initial burst of shadow damage and applying a 30 second shadow damage dot to the two players closest to the boil.
  • If a player is afflicted with two 30 second dots at any given time, they will become mind controlled until they die.
  • The raid must assign two players per Bursting Boil to stand closest to it when it explodes, as to ensure that no player receives more than one stack of the dot.

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