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Sylvanas Windrunner Quick Tips


Phase One
Phase Two


  • Taunt swap after each Wailing Arrow cast.
  • Taunt swap after each Ranger's Heartseeker combo.
  • Stay within melee range of the boss while tanking her.
  • Taunt swap Mawrforged Goliaths as they start dealing too much damage.
  • Take Wailing Arrows to different platforms in Phase Three.



  • Kill all Domination Arrows quickly in Phase One and the Intermission.
  • Interrupt Ruin cast in Phase Two.
  • Kill summoned adds quickly to avoid falling behind while chasing Sylvanas.
  • Time Warp in Phase Three.


Sylvanas Windrunner Abilities & Strategy

Sylvanas is a three phase encounter where each phase drastically changes how the encounter needs to be approached to deal with its mechanics. Phase one offers an introduction to a few abilities that will be present throughout the later phases, and the unique Domination Chains ability.

Phase two takes place on a series of platforms where the raid will be chasing Sylvanas with the help of Thrall and Jaina. This phase will require the raid to deal with a constant barrage of mechanics that are very spatially restrictive while keeping up with the boss and defeating her minions.

In the Phase Three, the raid will be fighting Sylvanas on small floating platforms that are interconnected. As the phase progresses, each platform will be destroyed, forcing the raid to deal with spatially restricting mechanics in an ever shrinking space.

Sylvanas Windrunner Phase One: 100% - 83%

During Phase One, the raid will have to deal with a barrage of mechanics being thrown at them by Sylvanas. The raid should be loosely spread near the boss to make it easier to deal with Domination Arrows and her other targeted mechanics.


The main goal of this phase is to survive without losing any players, and start getting comfortable with her mechanics that will be present in later phases. Keep in mind that the most notable mechanic, Domination Chains, is only present in Phase One.


Sylvanas starting her Windrunner combo.


Sylvanas will execute a barrage of attacks, teleporting around the encounter area, releasing a volley of arrows, which applies bleeds and creates ground effects.


Domination Arrows attaching Domination Chains to nearby players.

Domination Chains

Several Domination Arrows will appear after Sylvanas bombards the area, and will tether the closest target, pulling them towards the arrow.

  • Players tethered by Domination Chains will have all their Barbed Arrow stacks removed.
  • The chain will continuously increase the amount of damage and pull they have on players.

Sylvanas teleporting to a random player and casting Veil of Darkness.

Veil of Darkness

Sylvanas will teleport to a random player and cast a large shroud that deals shadow damage and applies a large heal absorb to any players hit.

  • 25% of all healing bypasses the absorb.
  • Players can simply move out of the fog to avoid being hit.

Wailing Arrow

The current tank will be marked with a debuff, and when the debuff expires the target will take some shadow damage and cause an explosion that will deal fall off damage to the entire raid.

  • The targeted tank should run away from the raid to reduce the amount of damage dealt.

Ranger's Heartseeker

Sylvanas will gain stacks of Ranger's Heartseeker every 5 seconds. Upon reaching 3 stacks she will replace Ranger Shot with Ranger’s Hearseeker, dealing shadow damage with each arrow and applying a stack of Banshee's Mark per hit.

  • Tanks should taunt after they receive three stacks of Banshee's Mark.
  • Banshee's Mark will deal ticking shadow damage to the affected target for 18 seconds.

Sylvanas Windrunner Intermission: 83%

When the boss reaches 83% health, she will gain a 99% damage reduction buff and will fire several waves of Domination Arrows until all players in the raid are affected by Domination Chains.

Rive and Riven Debris

Sylvanas will send fragments of Torghast in a line through the platform, dealing a deadly amount of damage to any players who stand in its path.


Players spreading out during the Banshee Wail cast.

Banshee Wail

Sylvanas will let out a scream, dealing damage to players and any nearby allies based on their current health, and interrupting their spell casting for 3 seconds.

  • Players should spread at least 5 yards apart to prevent cleaving each other.
  • Stop casting right before the debuff times out to avoid being silenced for 3 seconds.
  • This ability will stay present in Phase Two and Three as well.


Sylvanas Windrunner Phase Two

After the Intermission, the whole raid will get teleported and will need to chase Sylvanas Windrunner through a series of chain links with the help of Thrall and Jaina. The first two platforms will only include the boss and the raid will have to keep up with Sylvanas to interrupt her Ruin cast. After her first Ruin is interrupted, she will drop her damage reduction, and players can damage her for the next 45 seconds.

The following three platforms consist of adds that are summoned, and to proceed to the next platform, the raid must defeat the two Major Adds present on each one.


On the last platform, after Sylvanas's Ruin cast is interrupted, the raid will get another 45 seconds to deal boss damage before being teleported to Phase Three.


Jaina creating a bridge which allows the raid to chase Sylvanas.

Jaina and Thrall will create bridges connecting the platforms for players to progress. When the raid reaches the last platform, Jaina will teleport everyone to the Phase Three encounter area.


Sylvanas will periodically cast this ability to lay waste to the entire raid. The raid must keep up with her to be in range to interrupt this cast to prevent a wipe.

Haunting Wave

Sylvanas will shoot out a number of projectiles which will deal damage and push players back if hit.

  • Avoid being hit by these projectiles, because they can push players off the platforms.

Veil of Darkness

In Phase Two, Veil of Darkness will function differently than Phase One.

  • Instead of one large cloud of fog appearing, it will be a couple smaller ones to compensate for the limited space on each platform.
  • The raid should bait the Veil of Darkness to one side of the platform, then move to the other end.

Forces of the Maw

After the first couple platforms, Sylvanas will start summoning adds on each platform to impede the players from keeping up with her. The raid will have to defeat three waves of adds before the intermission ends.

Minor Adds

These adds will continuously spawn on platforms 3, 4, and 5. They have a low amount of health and are not a priority.

Mawsworn Vanguard

  • Accursed Might will empower Vanguards increasing their damage done and movement speed.
  • Kill them before their stacks get too high.

Mawsworn Hopebreaker

  • Destabilize will deal damage to random targets and reduce their movement speed.
  • The players being channeled into will also receive a stacking heal absorb until the Hopebreaker is killed.

Major Adds

Two of each of the following adds will be present of platforms 3, 4, and 5. Killing both Major Adds will allow Jaina or Thrall to create a bridge to the next platform, allowing the raid to advance.

Mawforged Souljudge

  • Crushing Dread will be applied to random targets, dealing increasing shadow damage to them and nearby enemies
  • Crushing Dread can be dispelled, but it will jump to another player until the Souljudge is defeated.
  • We recommend dispelling Crushing Dread on cooldown to reduce damage taken.

Mawforged Summoner

  • Summoners will summon 4 Decrepit Orbs, which will deal damage to all enemies when slain.
  • The damage caused by Decrepit Orbs will increase the longer they are alive.
  • Kill Decrepit Orbs quickly to lower the amount of damage they cause when they die.

Mawforged Goliath

  • Goliaths will gains stacks of Fury, which increase its damage and attack speed against their target.
  • Tanks should taunt swap around 10 - 15 stacks of Fury to lower their damage taken by the Goliath.


Sylvanas Windrunner Phase Three: Ends at 50%

Phase Three consists of four platforms. Throughout the phase, each platform will be destroyed, forcing the raid to move from platform to platform and defeat the boss before the fourth cast of Raze. Players can move between platforms while they are still active.

The main goal of this phase is to manage Banshee's Bane puddles well to allow for usable space on each platform. Before Sylvanas casts Raze on a platform, as many Banshee's Bane puddles as possible should be brough to it to free up space on the remaining platforms.

Tanks should be picking up all Banshee's Bane on each platform and then get dispelled while standing in the corner of the platform to force all the puddles to be stacked tightly near each other.

With the limited amount of space, spreading out for Veil of Darkness will be more difficult, so managing space correctly is crucial.

Players marked with Wailing Arrow should jump to other platforms to reduce the amount of damage they deal to the raid. On the last platform, the marked players can take turns jumping to the cented platform if needed, however only certain classes can teleport back to the boss platform from the center.


Sylvanas shooting out a barrage of arrows that drop Banshee's Bane.

Banshee's Bane

Banshee's Bane is a stackable debuff that deals damage and drops a pool upon expiration.

  • Touching a pool absorbs it and applies a stack of Banshee's Bane to the target.
  • Bane Arrows will create pools around the platforms to limit the space players can use.
  • Similar to Ranger’s Hearseeker in Phase One, in this phase Banshee's Heartseeker will apply Banshee's Bane to the tanks each time it is cast.
  • Players should move Banshee's Bane puddles from other platforms to the one Sylvanas is currently on to maximize the amount of space available later in the phase.

Shadow Dagger

Sylvanas will fire a barrage of corrupted blades that deal damage to all struck targets. These can be dodged by moving out of the lines.


Sylvanas casting Raze on the platform she is standing on, forcing all players to move to a different platform.


Sylvanas will periodically destroy the Invigorating Field of the platform she is standing on dealing a large amount of damage to all targets within 30 yards. This will force players to move to a different platform before the cast is over.


Sylvanas targeting two random players with Veil of Darkness.

Veil of Darkness

In this phase, Veil of Darkness will target random players and track them until the debuff is applied. It is crucial that players spread out then stop moving until the Veil of Darkness is over.

Other Abilities Present in Phase Three

  • Wailing Arrow will affect multiple players instead of just the tank, forcing them to go to different platforms when targeted.
  • Banshee Scream functions the same way as it does in Phase Two.


Sylvanas Windrunner Heroic

Sylvanas Windrunner has several Heroic specific changes that make the encounter more difficult. Although the overall strategy does not change, it becomes harder to execute due to an increase in the number of abilities.

Phase One

  • Domination Chains will apply Calamity, which will instantly kill players who get within 4 yards of the Domination Arrow they are tethered to.
  • Veil of Darkness will apply 5 stacks of the healing absorb to anyone hit, and these stacks can be dispersed to other players by standing within 5 yards of them.

Phase Two


Sylvanas dealing damage to the raid with Banshee's Fury.

Phase Three

  • Banshee's Fury will periodically deal damage to all players.
  • Players carrying stacks of Banshee's Bane will take increased damage based on the number of stacks they have, making it important to only move puddles around when Banshee's Fury is not being cast.


Notable Sylvanas Windrunner Loot

Sylvanas Windrunner drops several items with very unique effects.

  • Rae'shalare, Death's Whisper: Bow for Hunters.
    • Fire a Wailing Arrow, which deals Shadow damage to your target and additional Shadow damage to all nearby targets within 8 yds of your target. Lesser creatures struck by a Wailing Arrow are stunned.
  • Dark Ranger's Quiver: Back which can be worn by characters of any class. Currently the unique effect may only be usable by Hunters.
    • Every 5 shots, trigger Withering Fire, striking up to 5 enemies in front of you for Shadow damage.
  • Edge of Night: A Rogue dagger resembling the one Sylvanas used to kill Saurfang.
    • Your attacks apply Banshee's Blight, giving your finishing moves a 3% chance per combo point spent to deal 256 Shadow damage. Banshee's Blight stacks up to 4 times as the target becomes more injured.

Here is the entire loot table for Sylvanas Windrunner in Normal and Heroic:

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