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The Tarragrue Quick Tips


  • Chains of Eternity must be intercepted by a player with the Ever-Beating Heart Anima Power, or by someone with a stun immunity.
  • Move from safe zone to safe zone three times during Hungering Mist.
  • Spread out before Predator's Howl is cast to avoid fearing nearby players.
  • During the last 10% players targeted by the boss should kite him in a circle.





Anima Power orbs can be activated after killing each of the four Anima Goliaths.

Tarragrue Anima Powers

Tarragrue Anima Powers

Best Anima Powers

We recommend you have at least one player with the following Anima Powers:



  • Healers benefit most from stat amp such as the Obleron Ephemera.
  • We recommend healers also be the ones to pick up utility powers for the raid.



The Tarragrue Abilities & Strategy


General positioning

The Tarragrue does not require strict positioning, and players should be loosely spread around the encounter area to avoid the fear from Predator's Howl. A specific location, generally behind the tanks, should be assigned for any players with Chains of Eternity to run to.

The Tarragrue Phase One: 100% - 10%


Player targeted by Chains of Eternity running to the assigned spot.

Chains of Eternity

The boss occasionally marks a player with Chains of Eternity, and if the player is struck they will be dragged to the boss and suffer an Annihilating Smash.

  • The Ever-Beating Heart Anima Power can be used to intercept the chain being cast at the targeted player.
  • Other immunities, or stun immunities can also be used if the player with the Anima Power is unable to intercept.
  • Mark a specific location in the room for targeted players to run to, which will allow the player assigned to intercept to always be in position.

Predator's Howl

The boss will occasionally apply Predator's Howl to a number of players in your raid.

  • After 3 seconds, the affected players will radiate Unshakeable Dread, fearing players within 5 yards.
  • Your raid should be pre-spread when this debuff is applied to your raid to avoid unnecessary fears.
  • Healers should dispel all affected players, prioritizing the melee dps.

The raid moving from safe zone to safe zone during Hungering Mist.

Hungering Mist

The boss will dissolve into a mist, teleporting to a set location in the encounter area.

  • The raid will have to move to the marked safe zone before the shadows erupt.
  • The boss will repeat this cast a total of 3 times before continuing the phase.
  • The Satchel of the Hunt Anima Power is great to have on at least one raid member, as it provides a movement speed to everyone while moving from safe zone to safe zone.
  • Players with the Oddly Intangible Key Anima Power can stand in the erupting shadows, as they will take negligible damage from it.

Fury of the Ages

The boss will periodically buff himself with Fury of the Ages.

  • Any players with a Soothe ability can remove this from the boss.
  • If any players in your raid have the Disembodied Mystic Hands Anima Power, the boss should not be Soothed, because these players will steal the Enrage effect.

Grasp of Death

Random players will be affected by this debuff, taking a large amount of shadow damage over the next 40 seconds.

  • Healers must spot heal these players to prevent them from dying.
  • The Unstable Form will periodically remove the debuff from players with this Anima Power.


The boss will slam its target, causing a large amount of physical damage, and applying the Crushed Armor debuff.

  • Use defensive cooldowns on each cast, then taunt swap when the debuff is applied.
  • There are several Anima Powers that can be used to make this mechanic less lethal.
  • Ephemeral Effigy, and Overgrowth Seedling are both great tank choices.

The Tarragrue Phase Two: 10% - 0%

When the boss reaches 10% he will remove all Anima Powers and will deal 500% increased damage.

  • The boss will stop casting all abilities, and will only melee attack in this phase.
  • Targeted players should simply kite the boss around the encounter area, and use immunities when the boss reaches them.

Heroic The Tarragrue

Heroic adds the Remnant of Forgotten Torments mechanic, which will require players to soak orbs that appear in the encounter by standing on them to absorb the debuffs. There are three types of orbs, which will buff The Tarragrue while active, or deal damage to the entire raid.


Remnant of Forgotten Torments

The Jailer will periodically call down one of three Forgotten Torments which will need to be soaked by players.

Remnant: Upper Reaches' Might

This Remnant of Forgotten Torments increases the bosses Physical damage done, and players soaking it will gain an increased Physical damage taken debuff.

Remnant: Mort'regar's Echoes

This Remnant of Forgotten Torments increases the bosses Magic damage done, and players soaking it will gain an increased Magic damage taken debuff.

  • Any players can soak this debuff, unless they have the Grasp of Death debuff.

Remnant: Soulforge Heat

This Remnant of Forgotten Torments will deal Fire damage to the raid, and players soaking it will gain a debuff that deal fire damage to them.

  • Any players can soak this debuff, unless they have stacks of the Mort’regar’s Echoes increased Magic damage taken debuff.

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