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The Nine Quick Tips


  • When Kyra casts Wings of Rage run away from her until she is done channeling.
  • When Signe casts Reverberating Refrain run to her until she is done channeling.
  • Players with Fragments of Destiny should stand near each other on the edge of the room. When dispelled, run back to the raid.


  • Tank Kyra and Signe next to each other for better cleave damage.
  • Taunt swap after 3 stacks of Unending Strike in Phase One.
  • Tanks taunt swap on 3 stacks of Pierce Soul in Phase Two.



  • Formless Masses that spawn should be interrupted when they cast Siphon Vitality.
  • Signe should be immediately interrupted when she asts Song of Dissolution.
  • Get both bosses to 10% health (15% on Heroic), as close together as possible.
  • Kill Kyra and Signe as quickly as possible after Skyja appears.

Call of the Val'kyr Quick Tips

The Nine Abilities & Strategy

In Phase One, the raid will be fighting Kyra, the Unending and Signe, The Voice at the same time until either boss reaches 10% health. The raid should be loosely spread near the bosses to make dealing with Call of the Val'kyr, Wings of Rage, and Reverberating Refrain easier. Players with Fragments of Destiny should stand near each other on the edge of the platform and wait to be dispelled by the healers.

Both bosses should reach 10% health around the same time, at which point Skyja, The First will join the encounter. We suggest finishing off Kyra and Signe before focusing any damage on Skyja. Once Skyja is the only boss remaining, the encounter becomes simpler.

The Nine Phase One: Kyra & Signe 100% - 10%

Kyra, The Unending


Players being pulled to the boss during Wings of Rage.

Wings of Rage
Upon reaching 100 energy, Kyra will pull all players to her, and when the channel is complete she will deal massive physical damage and stun all players within 10 yards.

  • Run away from the boss to stay out of the area of effect indicator the boss has around her.
  • Raidwide movement, such as Stampeding Roar can make this significantly easier.

Formless Mass

Kyra will periodically spawn a Formless Mass.

  • The Formless Mass is not very dangerous as long as its Siphon Vitality cast is interrupted.
  • This add can be Death Gripped to the bosses by Death Knights.

Unending Strike

Kyra will strike the tank, applying a stack of Unending Strike which increases the target's damage taken by 10%.

Signe, The Voice


Players running towards the boss during Reverberating Refrain.

Reverberating Refrain

Upon reaching 100 energy, Signe will push all players away from her, and when the channel is complete she will deal shadow damage and fear all players further than 10 yards from her.

  • Run towards the boss to stay within the area of effect indicator while this ability is being channeled.
  • Raidwide movement, such as Stampeding Roar, can make this significantly easier.

Song of Dissolution

Signe will periodically start casting Song of Dissolution which will apply a stacking dot to the entire raid.

  • Interrupt the bosses cast as soon as she starts channeling.
  • Ideally, only a single stack should get applied to the entire raid.

Soulful Blast

The boss will cast Soulful Blast at her current target, dealing shadow damage.

  • Any spare interrupts can be used on this cast, however it is the lowest importance interrupt in this encounter.


Call of the Val'kyr: 100% - 0%


Agatha's Eternal Blade
Several lines will appear throughout the encounter area that need to be avoided.


Player being targeted by Daschla's Mighty Impact.

Daschla's Mighty Impact
A random player will be marked to take a large amount of shadow damage. Any players within 20 yards will also be hit, so marked players should move out of the raid.


Bosses being moved away from Annhylde's Bright Aegis.

Annhylde's Bright Aegis

A large protective dome will appear, reducing the amount of damage any boss within it takes by 90%. Bosses should be quickly moved out of the marked area.


Players moving to soak Aradne's Falling Strike.

Aradne's Falling Strike

Several locations will be marked in the encounter area, and when the ability is done casting each location will explode. At least one player should stand in each marked circle to soak the explosion damage.


Players spreading out with Brynja's Mournful Dirge.

Brynja's Mournful Dirge

Several players will be marked with a death song, which inflicts shadow damage and upon expiration splashes a large amount of damage to any players within 5 yards. Marked players should spread out.


Players splitting the damage of Arthura's Crushing Gaze.

Arthura's Crushing Gaze

A random player will be marked by this ability, and upon expiration they will take a large amount of Frost damage that can be split with players within 10 yards. The whole raid should stack on the marked player.

The Nine Phase Two: Skyja 100% - 0%

When either Kyra or Signe reaches 10% health, Skyja will be summoned to the encounter. For the start of this phase, the raid will battle all three bosses at once.

Kyra and Signe should be quickly killed to simplify the encounter for the remaining time.

The Call of the Val'kyr abilities will continue happening throughout this phase as well.

Skyja, The First


Players with Fragments of Destiny being dispelled.

Fragments of Destiny

Radom players will be marked with Fragments of Destiny, which is a permanent stackable debuff that deals frost damage.

  • When dispelled, the Icy Fragment will jump to the nearest player.
  • When all Fragments of Destiny are on the same person, they will coalesce into a Shard of Destiny, which creates a pool of frost under the player.
  • All players with Fragments of Destiny should move to the edge of the encounter area and wait to be dispelled by healers.
  • Once dispelled, players can move back to the raid.

Pierce Soul

Skyja will cast Pierce Soul at her current target, dealing physical damage and applying a stack of movement and healing reduction.


Skyja will deal considerable raid damage for 12 seconds when Resentment is cast.

Heroic The Nine

Skyja will appear when either Kyra or Signe reach 15% health, instead of 10%.

The only additional ability on Heroic difficulty is Link Essence, which just increases the damage taken by affected players and discourages those players from helping with certain mechanics.

Random players will be linked together, and any damage a linked player takes will be split among all other linked players as well.

  • We recommend avoiding as many mechanics as possible while being linked to other players.
  • For example, if two linked players stand in Aradne's Falling Strike, they will likely die due to taking double the damage.

Word of Recall

When this ability is cast, the last three mechanics caused by Call of the Val'kyr will be instantly repeated.

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