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Soulrender Dormazain Abilities & Strategy

This encounter will require the raid to dodge telegraph mechanics and kill adds that spawn in the back of the encounter area before they reach Garrosh Hellscream. Mawsowrn Agonizers will spawn in the back of the encounter area and start walking towards Garrosh Hellscream while periodically casting Agonizing Nova, which must be interrupted.We recommend gripping/knocking the Mawsworn Agonizers together and standing on them with Brand of Torment to make killing them easier.

When Garrosh Hellscream becomes bound by Warmonger Shackles, players must interact with them and run away from their original position until the chains snap. Be careful not to snap more than one chain at a time, because they deal damage to the whole raid.

While the boss channels Encore of Torment, safe zones will alternate several times requiring the raid to avoid being hit by Torment.

Soulrender Dormazain Phase One

Mawsworn Agonizer

Several Mawsworn Agonizers will spawn in the back of the encounter area and start moving towards Garrosh Hellscream.

  • If they ever reach Garrosh Hellscream, or their energy reaches 100, they will be immune to crowd control and deal 200% increased damage.
  • Interrupt casts of Agonizing Nova.
  • These mobs can be gripped, and knocked to group them for easier AoE damage.

Player marked with Brand of Torment.

Brand of Torment

Random players will be marked with Brand of Torment, which will inflict shadow damage to nearby allies, and cause Mawsworn Agonizers within the brand to take 50% increased damage.

  • Marked players should stand on top of Mawsworn Agonizers to make killing them significantly easier.

The encounter area being filled by Torment.


The boss will periodically unleash a wave of Torment, causing all but one slice of the room to fill up and explode.

  • Move to the safe slice when Torment is cast.
  • The Torment will begin to grow from the back of the encounter towards Garrosh Hellscream. Looking towards the back of the encounter area is the quickest way of identifying the safe slice.

The raid moving to safe slices during Tormented Eruptions.

Encore of Torment

Soulrender Dormazain will periodically cast an Encore of Torment, where the room will continuously fill up with Torment.

  • Move from safe zone to safe zone as each slice fills with Torment.

Warmonger Shackles being snapped.

Warmonger Shackles

Soulrender Dormazain will periodically bind Garrosh Hellscream with Warmonger Shackles, which must be removed before Garrosh Hellscream begins to Hellscream.


The boss will strike its current target with Ruinblade, causing them a large amount of physical damage, and applying a stackable debuff that causes the target to take 100% increased Physical damage for 40 seconds.

  • Tanks use defensive cooldowns for these strikes.
  • Taunt swap after each cast of Ruinblade.

River of Souls

A River of Souls surrounds Garrosh Hellscream. Standing within it will deal shadow damage to players and reduce their damage done and healing taken by 100%.

Heroic Soulrender Dormazain

This encounter does not change much on Heroic, as the only notable change is having a rotation of players to interact with Warmonger Shackles due to the Soul Manacles debuff. We suggest having dps take turns interacting with the Warmonger Shackles until the end of the encounter.

The only other addition is Rendered Soul, which is a simple dodge-able AoE spell.


Rendered Souls being thrown at players.

Rendered Soul

Fragments of Garrosh Hellscream's soul will periodically cascade into the encounter area, dealing damage to any players struck.

Soul Manacles

After snapping a Warmonger Shackles, players will gain a debuff that deals shadow damage and prevents them from interacting with Warmonger Shackles again.

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