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Huntsman Altimor Quick Tips in Castle Nathria

Huntsman Altimor

  • Spread loosely around the boss to reduce the amount of players hit by Spreadshot.
  • Make sure that only the marked player is in the path when Sinseeker is cast.
  • Damage the boss and his active pet as much as possible, as damage taken by one is also dealt to the other.


  • Tanks should taunt off of one another to keep the Jagged Claws stacks low (around 3-4 stacks).
  • Be ready to stack on the player marked for the Vicious Lunge.


  • Move Bargast away and use damage reductions on the tank when targeted by Rip Soul.
  • Healers should heal the Rip Soul add up before it reaches the boss.
  • Move Bargast away and then crowd control the adds he spawns when he casts Shades of Bargast.
  • After the adds have gained at least 20 Destabilize stacks, kill them off whilst using crowd control to interrupt their Deathly Roar.


  • Move Hecutis to drop his Crushing Stone stacks - but beware of the raid damage this deals!
  • Healers should have raid cooldowns available for when Hecutis is dropping his Crushing Stone stacks.
  • Move away from the raid when afflicted with Petrifying Howl and drop the Stone Shatter pools they spawn in low traffic areas.

Huntsman Altimor Abilities and Strategy

The boss is present throughout the encounter and only has two abilities. These abilities never change, but due to the different pets the boss summons, they sometimes need to be dealt with in different ways.


The boss frequently faces towards a random player before shooting out a large cone attack at them. Any player within the cone takes moderate physical damage.

  • Players should be relatively spread around the boss to reduce the amount of people hit by the Spreadshot.
  • That being said, the damage from the ability is pretty low, so players shouldn't prioritize spreading out for Spreadshot over positioning for any other mechanic.

Avoid stacking up during the encounter to reduce overall raid damage taken by Spreadshot.


Make sure you are the only person hit by
the Sinseeker if it targets you!

Around every 45 seconds, the boss will mark up to 3 players. This is shown via a debuff, an arrow above the players head, and a large arrow pointing from the boss towards the player.

  • After the debuff expires on the player, the boss will shoot a projectile at them. This projectile will travel directly towards the player, before hitting them and then continuing to pass through them in that same direct line.
  • Anyone hit takes a moderate burst of physical damage and receives a 30 second debuff which deals moderate shadow damage every 2 seconds.
  • This projectile cannot be avoided by the marked player, however all other players can avoid it by simply not being in its path.
  • Marked players should attempt to spread out from other marked players and large clumps of players and then remain still, as to give others the opportunity to move from the incoming projectile.
  • As players should be generally spread out to counter the Spreadshot, the main people that will have to take care are melee, as they will have to dodge 3 projectiles that originate from the boss.
  • To make spreading somewhat more simple, you can have melee stay around one side of the boss, whilst range go to the other.
  • Healers will need to make sure these players are healthy before the Sinseeker cast completes and will need to keep an eye on them whilst the debuff holds.
  • You can immune the application of the Sinseeker DoT via immunity spells such as Aspect of the Turtle, Blessing of Protection, Divine Shield etc. You cannot use vanish/feign effects to remove the initial mark after it has been applied.

Huntsman's Bond

The boss will summon three pets throughout the encounter. Whenever the boss or his pet takes damage, 100% of the damage is taken by both.

  • You should use this to cleave, multidot and otherwise nuke down both targets as much as possible, as all damage will be taken by both the boss and his pets.
  • The tanks should keep the boss and his active pet together as much as possible as to allow players to cleave damage between the two.
  • Huntsman's Bond does not apply to adds spawned by the pets, such as the Shades of Bargast.

Pet #1 - Margore

Margore will be active from the beginning of the encounter and will need to be tanked by the off-tank.

Jagged Claws

Every 10-20~ seconds, Margore will deals a moderate burst of physical damage to the tank and applies a debuff which deals physical damage every 3 seconds for 30 seconds.

  • This debuff will stack, so the tanks will need to taunt off of one another to allow the debuff to expire. This is generally around the 3-4 stack mark.
  • As this debuff is a bleed, it can be removed via bleed removal spells and abilities.

Vicious Lunge

Margore will mark a random non-tank player for 6 seconds, placing a 6 yard targeting circle around them.

  • Upon expiration, Margore will leap at that player and deal lethal physical damage split between all players within the targeting circle.
  • The marked player should group up with other nearby players to split the damage of this ability. Once the ability goes off, those players should spread out again ready for the bosses Sinseeker or Spreadshot.
  • The damage of this ability isn't particularly high, generally only requiring around 15-20% of your raid to help spread the damage to survivable levels.
  • The Vicious Lunge ability can overlap with the bosses Sinseeker ability. In these situations, the Sinseeker marked players must avoid standing near the player marked for Vicious Lunge.
  • The Vicious Lunge can be taken by the marked player alone if they use a physical damage immunity or even a large damage reduction spell, such as a Shadow Priest's Dispersion.

Stack up within the Vicious Lunge to split the damage it deals!

Pet #2 - Bargast

Moments after Margore dies, Bargast will be unleashed from his cage on the western side of the room.

  • This pet should be quickly picked up by the spare tank, ideally one with decent mobility or a magic damage reduction/immunity.

Rip Soul

Bargast occasionally casts Rip Soul on his tank, dealing a large burst of shadow damage to them.

  • Immediately after the shadow damage is dealt, the pet spawns a soul add that will travel towards the boss.
  • If it reaches Altimor, he will consume it and gain Devour Soul, increasing damage dealt by 200% for 1 minute which will very quickly lead to a wipe.
  • The soul add spawned is friendly to players and will be removed when it is healed to full. This should be the healer's number one priority.

Heal the Rip Soul add up as soon as possible!

The Soul add will spawn with the same percentage of health that the tank had immediately after taking the Rip Soul hit.

  • The tank should be at full health and use a damage reduction to try and spawn the soul at the highest health percentage possible.
  • With certain spell combinations and shields, it is possible that the tank will be at 100% health after the Rip Soul is cast. In these situations, the soul add will immediately despawn.

To ensure that the soul add does not reach the boss, we recommend that you position Altimor towards the middle of the room.

  • Whenever Rip Soul is due to be cast, the tank with Bargast can move away towards the edges of the room, as to spawn the add far away from the boss.
  • If the add does spawn and start to get close to the boss, the tank with Altimor should look to move him away from the soul whilst the healers finish topping it up.
  • Altimor will not move when casting his Sinseeker or Spreadshot abilities, which can make moving him quite difficult.

Make sure that Bargast is away from the boss when he casts his Rip Soul ability!

Shades of Bargast

Around every 60 seconds, this pet will cast Shades of Bargast which spawns two adds positioned to the left and right side of Bargast.

  • These adds do not need to be tanked, as they simply chain cast Deathly Roar, an uninterruptible cast which deals high shadow damage and applies a high shadow damage 30 second dot to all players.
  • This cast can only be interrupted by using crowd control abilities. These adds are susceptible to all crowd control abilities that can be applied to beasts.

Crowd control the Shades of Bargast until they generate high stacks - then kill them!

Whilst under a crowd control spell, the Shade of Barghast adds will receive a stack of Destabilize every 2 seconds.

  • This permanent debuff increases the damage they take by 100% and will stack.
  • As these adds have a large amount of health, players should crowd control them as they spawn and maintain the effects until the adds have gained at least 20 stacks.
  • Once these stacks have been reached, all DPS should switch to them and kill them off, whilst using crowd control effects to interrupt their Deathly Roar casts if needed.
  • These adds gain energy over time and after ~70 seconds they will reach full energy and become immune to CC. This forces players to deal with these adds before this point occurs.

Beta Test Note: These adds would gain additional Destabilize stacks for each unique crowd control effect on them. This allowed groups to get the adds to over 50 stacks within a short period of time. If intended, players should stack as many different crowd control spells on these adds as possible.

As to prevent accidental crowd control breaking, we recommend that Bargast is moved to the side of the room before each Shades of Bargast cast as to spawn the adds out of accidental cleave range.

  • As soon as the adds have spawned, players should crowd control them and Bargast should then be brought back to the group.

Pet #3 - Hecutis

Shortly after Bargast has died, Hecutis will spawn from the cage towards the eastern side of the northern wall. This final pet should be immediately picked up by the spare tank.

Crushing Stone

Each melee attack that Hecutis uses grants him a stack of Crushing Stone.

  • This debuff increases physical damage done by 50% and reduces his movement speed. Both aspects of this debuff stack.
  • The only way to remove this debuff is to move Hecutis, as whilst moving he shreds one stack every couple seconds. Each stack dropped triggers Shattering Stone which deals moderate nature damage to the entire raid.
  • To counter this ability, the tank should keep Hecutis next to the boss and try to move as little as possible. Upon reaching high stacks (approximately around 5-10 stacks), the tanks should move both bosses in the same direction.
  • Once all stacks have been removed, the tanks should remain still at their new location until they need to repeat this process. The raid should shift their position as to keep in a similar formation around the boss for Sinseeker & Spreadshot.
  • This allows the stacks to drop whilst also keeping the two enemies together to allow for high cleave damage.
  • Healers need to be prepared for this upcoming damage by using healing cooldowns, especially if it overlaps with other abilities.

Kite Hecutis to drop his Crushing Stone stacks - but beware the high raid damage this deals!

Petrifying Howl

Occasionally, Hecutis will cast Petrifying Howl, applying an 8 second debuff on a few random non-tank players.

  • This debuff deals low nature damage over time whilst reducing the players movement speed by 5% every second.
  • Upon expiration, the debuff will explode, dealing moderate nature damage to all players within 10 yards and leaving a patch of Stone Shards at that location.
  • Stone Shards are permanent and deal damage whilst reducing movement speeds by 25% for anyone who stands within them.
  • Players afflicted with Petrifying Howl debuffs should move away from the raid to the edge of the encounter space as to place the Stone Shard pools in low traffic locations.
  • It is important that players remember that they will be moving slower and slower as the ability goes on, so moving early is best to ensure you get to a nearby wall or unused area.

Move away to a low traffic area when afflicted with Petrifying Howl debuffs!

Once Hecutis is defeated, Altimor will be at around the 10% health mark. He does not enrage or gain any extra abilities, players simply need to kill him off.

Heroic Hunstman Altimor in Castle Nathria

Vicious Lunge

  • On Heroic, the Vicious Lunge also applies Vicious Wound to all players hit. This 6 second bleed doesn't do too much damage, but it does encourage you minimize the amount of players hit by the lunge.

Rip Soul

On Heroic, the Rip Soul add will be pulsing out moderate shadow damage to the raid every 2 via its Unstable Soul passive.

  • Although it may be tempting to try and heal the raid during this damage, healing the soul add to full should still remain the healers number one priority.

Mythic Huntsman Altimor in Castle Nathria


On Mythic difficulty, the Sinseeker becomes permanently empowered whenever a pet is released.

  • The empowerment applied by Margore is present from the beginning of the encounter.

Vicious Bolt - Empowerment from Margore

This empowerment causes each Sinseeker bolt to deal an additional high burst of physical damage split between all players hit.

  • To counter this, we recommend that at least 3 additional players are present in each Sinseeker bolt, as this will bring the damage down to survivable levels.
  • We also recommend that the raid stays slightly closer together than they may have on Normal/Heroic difficulty, as you will need to have partners ready to help you.

Have multiple people stack in each Sinseeker line to help split the Vicious Bolt damage.

Do note that all players hit will still receive the standard damage and damage over time debuff applied via Sinseeker.

  • As a result, not all players should try to help split the damage as you'll end up just taking more damage from the Sinseeker debuff.

Pierce Soul - Empowerment from Bargast

This empowerment causes all players hit by the Sinseeker to also spawn a Pierced Soul add that will travel towards Altimor.

  • Any add that reaches him will give him the Devour Soul 200% damage dealt increase for 1 minute.
  • Similarly to Rip Soul, the Pierced Soul adds are friendly and spawn with the same percentage health as the player they appeared from.
  • Upon reaching full health, the add will despawn.
  • All players helping soak the Vicious Bolt aspect of Sinseeker now need to ensure that they are both healthy, as to increase add starting health, and far from the boss, as to increase the time healers have to heal them to full.
  • Fortunately, these adds have far less health than a standard Rip Soul add spawned by the tanks, allowing healers to pretty quickly get all adds to full health.
  • The tank with Altimor should still be ready to move and kite the boss away from any Pierced Souls that get too close.

These adds have lower health pools but still need to be healed!

Shatter Shot - Empowerment from Hecutis

This empowerment causes all players hit to deal moderate nature damage to all other players within 5 yards.

  • This forces players who are soaking the Sinseeker to spread out from one another whilst standing within the spell-line.
  • Players must be careful not to splash damage onto one another, as this will also reduce the starting health of the Pierced Soul adds.
  • We recommend that the players who soak this stand further from the boss than in the previous two sections of the fight, just to ensure that they do not spawn a Pierced Soul near the boss, as moving Altimor during this phase can be detrimental to positioning.

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