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Quick Tips

Phase One:

  • All DPS & Healers should form three evenly sized groups to each bounce an Omega Vector debuff around in, with each group being 10-15 yards away from other groups.
  • Players within a bounce group should move slightly away from their team if they have far higher Lingering Infection stacks compared to their group.
  • Move 5 yards away from a player afflicted with Gestate before focusing down the add that spawns after 5 seconds.
  • Use a personal defensive cooldown if you have high Lingering Infection stacks when Contagion is cast.

Avoid standing in the Liquefy pool!

Phase Two:

  • Two players from each Omega Vector bounce group should bounce the Omega Vector between them throughout the phase.
  • Players not assigned to take the Omega Vector during this phase should ensure they do not accidentally obtain it by standing too close when it jumps.
  • Avoid standing in the Liquefy pool as it rushes to a randomly selected spot in the room.
  • Dodge the Blood Geyser lines as they rush across the room.
  • One player should soak each Plague Bomb zone that appears - don't bother stacking in it!
  • Kill any Plague Amalgam adds that spawn if a Plague Bomb zone accidentally isn't soaked.

Tank-Specific Quick Tips

Phase One:

Phase Two:

Healer-Specific Quick Tips

Phase One:

  • Ensure that players with high Lingering Infection stacks are healthy before the Contagion is cast, as they will take high damage from the ability.
  • Players with the Omega Vector will need additional healing, especially if they have multiple instances of the debuff simultaneously!

Phase Two:

  • Players due to soak the Plague Bomb zone are going to take a burst of damage, make sure they are healthy beforehand!

Vectis Abilities

Phase One: 1 minute 30 seconds

Omega Vector

At the beginning of the encounter, Vectis will place out three Omega Vector debuffs onto random non-tank players.

  • These debuffs last 10 seconds and deal shadow damage every 2 seconds.
  • Upon expiration the player will receive a stack of Lingering Infection: a permanent, irremovable debuff which increases nature damage taken by 5% per stack.

The Omega Vector will also jump to the nearest player when it expires, applying the debuff to the new target at the full 10 second duration.

  • Omega Vectors cannot be "lost" in anyway, including player death, immunities, deflections/reflections or by using distance to try and "out-range" the bounce.
  • The three Omega Vectors will continue to bounce around the raid until the boss dies.
  • As a result, this will require the raid to coordinate themselves so that no player gains excessive Lingering Infection stacks as the increased nature damage they take may cause them to be one shot.
Example of the "three Omega Vector bounce group" strategy positioning.

There are two prominent ways that the Omega Vector can be handled; either by strictly regimenting which player gets which Omega Vector every 10 seconds throughout the fight or by setting up three bounce groups.

  • On normal and heroic difficulty, we highly recommend setting up three bounce groups, as the micromanagement of the Omega Vector really isn't necessary.

The raid should form into three evenly sized groups consisting of all the healers and DPS, each of which will house a single Omega Vector.

  • At the beginning of the fight, the three random non-tank players afflicted with the Omega Vector should each move to a different group to deposit the debuff.
  • The debuff can then bounce endlessly in this group in a way that will allow the Lingering Infection to be evenly applied amongst the group.
  • Players who happen to get substantially higher Lingering Infection stacks in any given group, can move slightly away from their group to allow the rest of the group to gain the stacks instead.
  • This strategy ensures that the Lingering Infection debuffs will be somewhat equally spread across the raid, helping to spread the incoming nature damage evenly.

Each group should be separated by a 10-15 yard gap to ensure the debuff never accidentally spreads to a different group.

  • This is because if two or more Omega Vectors land on a single player at the same time, that player is going to need a lot of spot healing which is difficult for the healers as they are dealing with other sources of damage.
  • It is also incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to get the two Omega Vectors to split up again once they have landed on a single player.

Evolving Affliction

Vectis will frequently apply Evolving Affliction to the current tank, a 12 second debuff which deals nature damage every 2 seconds.

  • The tanks should taunt off of each other after 2/3 stacks to ensure that the damage is kept to a minimum.
  • As this ability deals nature damage, the tanks should avoid gaining stacks of Lingering Infection at any point in the encounter.


The boss will cast Contagion on a timer, which deals a moderate burst of nature damage to the entire group.

  • As the damage from this ability is low, the healers do not need to panic to out-heal it. However, players with stacks of Lingering Infection are going to take additional damage from this ability.
  • Healers need to be ready to counter higher and higher damage from this ability as the raid gains more stacks of Lingering Infection.
  • Healers should focus on topping any player who has a large number of stacks before the Contagion comes in and be ready to use cooldowns towards the later stages of the encounter, where Lingering Infection stacks will be at their highest.

Nuke down the Plague Amalgam to minimize
the number of Immunosuppression casts!


Vectis will occasionally target a non-tank player with Gestate. This will stun the player and deal shadow damage to them, splashing this damage to any other players within 5 yards over 5 seconds.

  • As the raid is quite clumped up, players need to quickly identify who is afflicted with Gestate and simply move 5 yards away from them, whilst maintaining the Omega Vector group formation.
  • After the debuff has expired, a Plague Amalgam add will spawn from that player. This add needs to be quickly picked up by the off tank and brought underneath the boss.

Aside from melee hitting the tank, the Plague Amalgam will frequently cast Immunosuppression which applies a healing absorption shield to the entire raid.

  • The healers need to out heal this shield as to start landing meaningful healing onto players, prioritising players on low health and those with high Lingering Infection stacks.
  • DPS should focus their output onto the Plague Amalgam as to keep the number of Immunosuppression casts to a minimum, whilst also cleaving damage onto the boss.
  • A total of four Plague Amalgams will spawn throughout each phase one.

After fighting Vectis for ~1 minute and 30 seconds, he will cast Liquefy and transition into phase two.

Phase Two: 35 seconds


Vectis will transform into a pool of toxic blood. Players cannot target him during this time and anyone who stands within the pool will gain stacks of Lingering Infection at a staggering rate.

  • Players should immediately move away from Vectis as soon as this cast begins as to avoid gaining additional Lingering Infection stacks.
  • Shortly after transforming, the pool of toxic blood will shoot off to a randomly selected edge of the room before coming to a halt.
  • The boss will then begin to shoot off Blood Geysers towards the locations of random players which deal shadow damage and apply Lingering Infection to anyone in their path.
  • Players should keep an eye on the boss throughout this phase as to ensure they dodge the incoming Blood Geyser lines.

One player should soak each
Plague Bomb landing zone!

The boss will also send out waves of Plague Bombs during this time.

  • Three areas will be marked around the encounter space which explode after 8 seconds, dealing a burst of shadow damage to anyone inside instantly and applying an 8 second shadow damage dot.
  • If no player is within a zone when it explodes, a Plague Amalgam add will spawn instead. The raid must soak all three of these zones to ensure that no adds spawn.
  • As the Plague Bombs do not do split damage, only a single player should soak a zone, rather than multiple people all at once.

The raid will still have the three Omega Vector debuffs to deal with during this phase.

  • Two players from each group should be assigned to stay together as a team and allow the debuff to jump between them throughout the entire phase.
  • These players should make sure they are not stood too close to the Liquefy pool of toxic blood, as it will be more difficult to dodge the incoming Blood Geyser lines.
  • Additionally, these players should avoid soaking the Plague Bombs when possible, as the additional incoming damage will cause more stress for the healers.
  • Once the phase has ended, these players should return back to their Omega Vector bounce groups to allow the debuff to spread around equally again.
  • The players who dealt with Omega Vector during phase two may want to avoid getting the debuff during phase one until the rest of their Omega Vector bounce group has similar Lingering Infections stacks.

After 35 seconds, Vectis will reform into his usual form and phase one will begin.

  • If you used raid markers to assign Omega Vector group positioning, we recommend that you replace them at the new location of the boss, or drag the boss back to the location where you initially fought him.
  • The fight will now repeat with the boss rotating between phase one and two, until the group either defeats the boss or wipes.

Move away from the Blood Geysers!

Raid Finder

Aside from numerical changes, in which the boss has less health and deals less damage, there are no mechanical changes to the Vectis encounter on Raid Finder difficulty.


Aside from numerical changes, in which the boss has more health and deals more damage, there are no mechanical changes to the Vectis encounter on Heroic difficulty.

  • Due to the increased incoming damage, notably from the Contagion cast, healers need to focus their output onto players with high Lingering Infection stacks more than they would do on normal mode.

Mythic Difficulty

Alongside numerical changes, in which the boss has more health and deals more damage, there is one key mechanical change made to the Vectis encounter on Mythic difficulty.

On Mythic Difficulty, Contagion will trigger additional effects based on the number of Lingering Infection stacks a player has.

The entire raid will need to form an organised rotation of players to ensure that the Lingering Infection stack breakpoints are encountered as rarely as possible.

  • At first glance, this will likely be done by having pairs of players take the Omega Vector for set periods of time (likely until 11 stacks) before handing the debuff off to a new pair of players.
  • This rotation will continue until no new pairs are available, at which point the first pair will have to take the Omega Vector back before repeating this process, likely until around 20 stacks.
  • High damage will be needed to kill the boss before the amount of Lingering Infection stacks on the raid causes to much chaos for the group to deal with.

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