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Quick Tips

Whilst in Chamber

  • Tank the boss near the Defense Grid to allow melee DPS to pass through it at a moments notice.
  • Avoid standing in front of MOTHER when she casts Sanitizing Strike. The tank should side step this once the cast begins.
  • Move from the Purifying Flame patches that spawn underneath everyone's feet.
  • Stand in the middle of the chamber and run against the Wind Tunnel push-back to avoid standing in fire.
  • Move with the rotation of the Uldir Defensive Beam to avoid getting one shot in the third chamber
  • Save long cooldowns and Bloodlust for the third chamber as the boss is taking 100% extra damage!

Whilst passing the Defense Grid

  • Pass through the Defense Grid in small groups, giving healers time to top everyone up in between. This is a great time to chain healing cooldowns.
  • Send a tank and two high burst DPS through the grid first, followed by small groups with a mixture of DPS and healers, followed last by the other tank with the boss.
  • Pass through the same point of the Defense Grid as everyone else to ensure the adds spawn close together.
  • Kill and interrupt the Remnant of Corruption's Clinging Corruption cast. Stuns, silences and displacements work!
  • Players and enemies cannot be directly hit through the Defense Grid as it blocks line of sight, but projectiles, auras and AoE spells work!
  • Ensure that the entire raid leaves the previous chamber before it reaches 100% energy and begins to cast Cleansing Purge.

MOTHER Abilities

MOTHER casts 3 abilities regardless of which chamber she is in, only
gaining access to one additional ability in the third chamber.

Sanitizing Strike

At 100% energy, MOTHER will strike down towards the tanks location after a 3 second cast, dealing a large burst of physical damage to all players in a cone in front of her.

Move away from the Purifying Flame patches!
  • Any players hit will also take 50% increased damage from Sanitizing Strike for 30 seconds. This effect stacks.
  • The tank should face MOTHER away from the group at all times, preferably towards the wall.
  • As soon as the cast begins, the tank can side step away from the incoming blow to avoid it completely, as the boss will not rotate to match the targets movement once the cast begins.
  • As the tank can dodge the hit, this does allow MOTHER to be solo tanked, however an additional tank is needed to deal with the adds that spawn as the group passes through the Defense Grid.
  • The tank should position MOTHER near the Defense Grid to allow melee DPS to pass through it at a moments notice.

Purifying Flame

Patches of fire will spawn underneath the feet of all players who are within the same chamber as MOTHER.

  • Moments later these patches explode, dealing a moderate burst of fire damage to all players within 3 yards of the patch. Players should immediately move from these zones to dodge the damage.
  • Large groups should stack up as much as possible. This will allow the group to easily move from one clumped patch of fire, rather than try and dodge multiple patches scattered around the room.
  • Smaller raid sizes will not need to stack up as much, as there should be plenty of space to move around in due to the lack of players.

Wind Tunnel

Run against the wind to avoid getting
placed into the fire!

Winds will flow across all three chambers, pushing players towards the east or towards the west. The direction of these winds changes each time the ability occurs.

  • Players need to run against the winds as they will otherwise be pushed into patches of fire which appear at the wall the wind is blowing into.
  • The raid should always aim to inhabit the middle of the chamber to ensure they have a large distance between themselves and these fire patches.
  • The group can use the small slanted wall near the Defense Grid to aid them in their movement. If positioned correctly whilst running against the wind, the player will not move but they will be unable to stand still to cast spells.

Cleansing Purge

Whenever the boss enters a chamber she will activate it, causing it to gain energy over 3 minutes. This energy can be tracked via the boss frame user interface element.

  • At 100% energy that chamber will be flooded with fire, dealing extreme ticking damage to anyone who is still inside it.
  • Players need to leave the chamber before this 3 minute period is up by crossing through the blue Defense Grid which is present between the arches connecting each chamber.
  • As an "anti-cheese" measure, the second chamber will be flooded with fire for the first 10 seconds of the encounter. This prevents players from resetting the boss and starting the encounter in the second chamber.

Defense Grid

You cannot directly cast attack or
cast spells through the Defense Grid!

The Defense Grid blocks line of sight. Players are unable to cast spells directly at any enemy or player who is on the other side of the grid.

  • Area of Effect spells such as Blizzard or Healing Rain can be placed near the grid and will affect anything within is range.
  • Projectiles such as Frozen Orb and Explosive Shot, as well as cleave spells can also hit targets on the other side of the grid.
  • Auras will also pass through the grid and affect and targets within range.

Each time a player passes through the Defense Grid, they will deal a burst of arcane damage to the entire raid.

  • This prevents the entire raid from passing through at once, instead forcing the raid to send people through at steady rate, allowing healers to counteract the burst of damage between each set of players that passes through.
  • The amount of players the group sends through each time will depend on what your healers are comfortable healing.
  • A good starting point is to send three players through each time, adjusting this amount depending on healer feedback.
  • The raid must organise itself so that the group passes through the grid as efficiently as possible, either by calling out who should pass through next or by assigning groups of players before pulling the boss.
  • It is important that the tank with the boss passes through the grid last, as the next chamber will begin gaining energy as soon as MOTHER enters it.
  • The raid should attempt to split the healers evenly as groups pass through the grid, as players on both sides will require healing throughout this time.

Interrupt and Kill the
Remnant of Corruption adds!

When a player passes through the Defense Grid, they will also spawn a Remnant of Corruption add after 3 seconds.

  • The position this add spawns in depends on which point the player passes through the grid, therefore players should move through the grid at a set point to spawn the adds close together.
  • Players should avoid blinking or otherwise teleporting through the grid, as this causes the add to spawn further into the next chamber than the other adds.
  • Players who use immunities such as Cloak of Shadows or Divine Shield whilst moving through the Defense Grid will not spawn a Remnant of Corruption add but will still deal damage to the raid.

The Remnant of Corruption adds need to be tanked and will frequently cast Clinging Corruption.

  • This 2 second interruptible cast will deal a burst of nature damage and apply a 5 second dot to the entire raid.
  • This must be kicked as the highest priority. The group can also use stuns, silences and displacements to interrupt the casts.
  • The first group of players to pass through the grid should consist of one tank and two high-burst DPS with good interrupt/crowd control spells, as to deal with these first few adds quickly and safely.
  • As more and more players pass through the grid, killing the Remnant of Corruption adds becomes easier due to the increased number of interrupt spells and sheer amount of DPS.

The point in which the group begins passes through the Defense Grid will depend on how large the raid is.

  • Larger raid sizes having to start sooner than smaller raid sizes, as more players need to pass. However larger raid sizes can frequently send more people each time, as they have access to a larger amount of healing cooldowns.
  • The group should aim to leave a chamber when it is just about to fill with fire, as moving between chambers to early could lead to the final chamber filling with fire before the boss has been defeated.
  • As a guideline for the first pull, we recommend that the group starts moving through the Defense Grid once the active chamber reaches 50 energy before adjusting this time as the raid sees fit.

Once the entire group has entered the second chamber, the fight will return to normal whilst the group fights MOTHER.

  • The raid will need to pass through another Defense Grid into the final chamber as this second chamber begins to gain energy. This should be done in the exact same way as before.

Move with the rotating Uldir Defensive Beams!

Upon entering the third and final chamber, MOTHER will gain the Depleted Energy debuff which increases the damage she takes by 100%.

  • She also gains access to the Uldir Defensive Beam ability. This calls down two straight perpendicular beams which will begin to rotate after a moment.
  • Players within the beam take an extreme amount of arcane damage every 0.2 seconds, quickly killing them.
  • The group must move with the beams as they rotate to avoid taking this damage. Do note that other mechanics, such as the Wind Tunnel can be active during this time.
  • The direction of the beam rotates will oscillate between turning clockwise and turning counterclockwise.
  • The group should save bloodlust and lengthy cooldowns for this time to ensure that MOTHER is defeated quickly in this last dangerous chamber.

The encounter will end when MOTHER reaches 10% health, at which point she will become friendly and start her RP.

Raid Finder Difficulty

Aside from numerical changes, in which the boss has less health and deals less damage, the mechanics of the fight have not changed on Raid Finder difficulty.

Heroic Difficulty

Aside from numerical changes, in which the boss has more health and deals more damage, the mechanics of the fight have not changed on Heroic difficulty.

Due to the increased damage dealt by the Defense Grid, the group may wish to limit the amount of players that pass through to two, instead of three.

  • This will increase the amount of time needed for the raid to pass from one chamber to another, meaning the group may need to start transitioning at an earlier chamber energy level.

As of last testing, the different adds described in the Mythic Difficulty section of the guide were present on Heroic difficulty.

  • It is unclear whether this was to test the mythic mechanics in a heroic setting, a mistake, or if the adds are included in the Heroic version of the encounter.
  • As the adds are currently listed as a Mythic only mechanic in the in-game dungeon journal, they are currently only listed in the mythic section of the guide.

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